TroubleShooting and Technical Support

For some reason... some Vista machines are set up differently... and sometimes it doesn't like the game installed into the programs directory/folder (which is the default directory when Shadows of the Servants is installed) All you need to do is re-install into your personal c:\USERS\yourusername directory (of course just guessing on your actual log in name: yourusername) Not sure who you log in as... but click on START then MYCOMPUTER then LOCAL DRIVE (c:) then scroll down to USERS folder and click on it... then look for your folder (usually your login name - this is where you need to install "Shadows" to) When you re-install - don't use the default directory - you will need to type in your users directory. NOTE: some people may have to use the c:\users\owner folder (it all depends on how your particular vista system is setup)


SOLUTION: You should see an intro WRF Studios Logo and intro Movie... if not... your system cannot play movie files. Some users have experienced video animation playback issues due to incorrectly installed "Cinepak Codec" driver.

Some additional codec paks CAUSE CONFLICTS - see list below (check your system to see if they are installed)

-K-lite Codec pack
-XP codec pack 2.3.6
-Codec Pack All in 1
-Combined Community Codec Pack

You may need to uninstall any of the above codecs if they are installed on your system. (there may be others not listed above)

**** DO AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! ***

We have to put that disclaimer in there since we are not familar with your level of experience or the particulars with your current system.

1. Some users needed to uninstall ANY additional Codec paks installed on their system.
2. Some users also needed to re-install CinePak Codec on their system.

You may get the CinePak Installer here: cinepak_setup.exe

VERY IMPORTANT: After you Download and install - A new "CINEPAK" icon will appear on your desktop... click it... and a registry warning window will appear... click ok or yes then a new registry window will appear stating that registry has been successfully updated.

Anti-Virus Software
NOTE: Anti-virus software can cause unpredictable results - If you are having trouble with glitches - try turning off anti-virus software (Make sure to turn it back on after game)

Also... be sure to check the Support Section for more info