FIRST HINT: Grab the crow bar in lower right corner and click on boards to enter house

Be sure to check out the BEYOND THE SPIRIT'S EYE demo below for a more interactive and in-depth experience...

Download the FREE Demo HERE (250mb download size)

- Windows Adventure Game for your PC
- Easy Point and Click Interface
- Mysterious Puzzles and Storyline
- Creepy Soundtrack

- Check out some more screenshots and info HERE

Here are few quotes from customers...
"Just finished LH (Shadows of the Servants) last night! Awesome game,
worth the wait! great puzzles,creepy sound effects, very scary! ...Anyway, thanx for
making such an enthralling game!! The best twenty bucks I've ever spent.
When's the next "Last Half" game coming out??"


"Great game and wonderful storyline!"


" This Game Has to be one of the Creepiest Games I ever Played..
I am Totally Enjoying This Game - GOOD JOB/Well worth the money!!!"


" I just finished playing Shadows of the Servants. Wow! I thought Barrow HIll
and Scratches were scary till I played your game. What fun! I can't wait for
Beyond the Spirit's Eye to be released. You can't make them too scary for me.
Keep up the great work! I am a 55 yr. old woman on disability, and playing
these adventure and mystery games, keeps my mind from decaying! So, please
take a bow and accept my applause! Yes, I actually clapped when I finished
this great game.

Thanks so much, for thrilling an older lady!"


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