" Tomb of Zojir was by far the best game I've played this year! I found it challenging and fascinating. It was creepy and scary and the puzzles were excellent. I really enjoyed the game. "


"I have to say this is the best adventure game I've played this year and considered the only competition I see coming for it this year are Dark Fall 3, Mata Hari and Heaven, you're at least a shoo-in for a a few award nominations (PC, Adventure, Horror) at the end of the year, if not an outright winner of one. The only place I was really stuck on, and I feel stupid about admitting this, was trying to figure out how to get out of The City. I completed all the puzzles, set the box with the Witch's help and then was like, "I guess I get back on the boat" and then found myself wandering around for half an hour clicking everything I could to find where I could go next. Awesome job man. I'm very impressed with this.


"I just wanted to let you know how much I loved playing Tomb of Zojir. Your attention to detail, the music and sound effects, the ease of navigation, and the graphics were all outstanding. The gameplay was truly absorbing (I actually felt real resentment at having to stop playing so I could go to sleep and still make it to work on time the next day). I also loved the journal and the extras that were required to finish the game...they really added to the story and the atmosphere and the gameplay. I'm not going to tell you how long it took me to figure out some of those clues, though, because I still feel stupid about some of my "duh!" moments. Lately I've been so disappointed in the adventure games I've purchased. So few of them have been worth the money, and I ended up selling them as soon as I finished playing them. Not yours though. This one's a keeper, and well worth the price. I'll definitely be purchasing whatever you come up with next."


"I just had to let you know that I finished Tomb of Zojir last night - and I LOVED it!! Each game you do keeps getting better. Interface, graphics, music, atmosphere, story, puzzle difficulty level - you really understand gamers. I was surprised and pleased by the bonus game you gave. I wish you the best - and I'm eagerly awaiting your next game. "


"...I did it without any hints or or a walkthrough!! Loved it- very creepy, lots of places to explore, not to hard and nice little bonus ending! Sorry it's over "


"I finished it last night - and I LOVED it.You can always tell a great game. No matter how long the game is - it's never long enough. Bill - each game keeps getting better. Please tell me that you will be doing another one. "


"...sure hated for it to end. Thanks for a great game! Enjoyed it all, music, atmosphere, puzzles, story..wonderful graphics. These games just keep getting better and better and i could play it on my older PC !!! If you enjoy a nice spooky game and eerie/creepy atmosphere and you don't get this game you will be missing out. "


" I finally finished the game and loved it. Hope you make more. It was tricky at the end cause I didn't see the extra post for the stone. That was good. It is the best game I have played so far, and I have played just about all of them. Keep them coming. Thanks for it and all your help. "


" Thank you so much for another great game. Have played all of the series and found this one the best. Puzzles were just perfect, I managed to solve all of them without getting stuck, frustrated and plain giving up. The game flowed beautifully from area to area. I did go back repeatedly to already played areas in case I had missed anything. On three occasions when travelling backwards I have forgotten about the ghoul with red eyes that pops out of that hole, I screamed each time. Proves how engrossing the game was. Many congratulations and hope there will be more in the future. All the best "

~Vanda. (Gameboomer fan)

" It was really a great and fantastic game, I enoyed it so much. I'm so happy I got the tip to play this game and I intend to play the first and the second one. It was recommend by a friend. WRF Studios have done a great job. Wonderful mucis, wonderful graphic, I love the story and the locations and the puzzle. I think I have never played such a good adventuregame since "The Lost Crown" and Dracula 2 and Overcocked. This is one of my favorite game and one of the best I've ever played. I was so impressed, that I got gooesebumbs because of the good game story and the wonderful music. "


" I loved the first game your first game but this has got to be one of the best games I have played in ages. I love the logic, especially after having changed diagrams on the water puzzle and having you say that I better think a little more about this one. Made me laugh. The game just keeps getting better and better, Love the music. Your journal is wonderful. You are truly immersed and that does not happen that often in other games I have played. I am really going to hate to see this one end. I am a Gameboomers member and will be sure to let everyone know how great this game was. My compliments to you! I hope to see more games with this much thought into a plot, graphics, puzzles and truly the whole package. AWESOME!!! "


" My granddaughter and I are playing the game together. She is having as much fun as I am, it is really a wonderful game. "


" Just finished the game and enjoyed every minute of it, even some of those very frustrating puzzles. Of course I needed help from your walk through for those, thank you for that help. Using all the materials in the box really made the game extra special. I am looking forward to the next installment. However I gave up on The Secret of the Idol, my old eyes are just not up to that kind of thing. Also, I don't like playing online. But the idea of a special gift from finishing a game is really a nice touch. Thank you again for a great game, keep up the good work. "


" I have enjoyed all of your Last Half of Darkness games but I must say I enjoyed this one the most. The puzzles were great, only finding the trap spider took me some time, the rest were done with ease, not always quickly but with ease. I thoroughly enjoyed the ending. It was quite unexpected. Thanks again for the great game and the entertaining puzzles. "

~A greatful fan

" Just finished the game. Simply great, although I had some hard times *g*. I love it, as all your others, I have them all. Desperately hoping for your next game to be published. Thanks for the wonderful time your game spent to me. Best regards "

~Claudia from Austria

" Hello WRF Studios. I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed playing your game named above...I can't remember when I enjoyed an adventure game as much as this one in a long while. Please keep the games coming... "


" Well we just finished Tomb of Zojir and all we can say is wow!!! Another fantastic game from WRF Studios. Truly outstanding. Your game play, puzzles, and general downright creepiness are heads and tails above the rest. We can't wait for the "Serpent Moon" game. Any guess on when we will see it's release? Thanks for the great games. Keep up the great work. "

~Chad and April

"I just finished playing your game and found it delightful, scary, and loved the twist... Excellent. I love a good fright and got one for sure."


"I also recommend it. Once I started to play I couldn't stop"


"...awesome game. I loved it from start to finish. I had to play it while I was at work, so I couldn't turn the lights down, but it was still spooky. I only wish it could have kept going. I hate when a game I love has to end. I hope you have a sequel very soon."


"I got the full game in the mail this week - it is great! I absolutely love the intro cut-scene - executed brilliantly! ...amazing!"


"Just finished Shadows of Servants and all I can say is when are you going to write a sequel. Game delivery was timely, just as you said it would be. When we were kids we spent so many Saturday matinees screaming our heads off at Dracula, zombies, etc and at age 73 did it all over. A couple times I was scared to continue as it's just me and the cats here in the country."


"...great game. I really enjoyed it. It was definitely "my cup of tea." Congratulations on a great game - looking forward to the next one."


"Just finished your game and I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed it. This is just the kind of scary game that I have been looking for. There was no blood and gore, just suspense and not knowing what was going to jump out at you. When that... [quote edited to remove spoiler] ...I almost jumped out of my chair. The music and spooky voices were perfect adding just the right touch to the atmosphere. Just a small suggestion, ( if I may) when your next game comes out (soon I hope) maybe the player could move around the rooms a little more and explore all the nooks and crannies. Congratulations on The Last Half of Darkness and I look forward to more of your creations. Thank-you"


"I thought the strongest point of SOTS was the atmosphere, which was excellent, & I liked the jumping out scares. I had a lot of fun playing the game. "


"WOW!! I enjoyed every single minute!!! I can't say enough good stuff. Puzzles made sense, no endless dialog trees, great story, great graphics, many locations to explore, and scary as all get out. You actually made me jump. Please tell me you are going to do another. "


"I enjoyed Shadows of the Servants as much as any game I have ever played, including the bigger budget ones. Indeed, I relished this game. The game is more frightening than, for example, "Still Life" in part because the overt violence and graphic presentation of bloody scenes are more restrained in "Shadows of the Servants." The story is also more interestingly told than, for example either of the Darkfall games, which I hasten to add are both excellent. While my experience with games is limited by choice to adventure games and not particularly extensive in any case, I enjoy well done independent games more than any others. I think this may be because independent games don't suffer from the committee effect which dilutes story telling in the same way that so many movie versions of novels fail because there is no unified vision and the result becomes a pastiche of the original. You've made a grand game. "


" This is one of the best games I played in a loooong time. "


" Shadows of the Servants was one of the most original adventure games I have played this last year. Certainly worth the price paid and then some. Played in the right environment as recommended certainly enhances the experience; probably the first time I have jumped in my seat playing an adventure game. "


" I bought and played the LHOD cd and really enjoyed the game. Thank you for not making the puzzles so outlandish or obscure that they detracted from the story. It was an excellent adventure game experience. "


"I just had to tell you how delighted I was with the professional look of your packaging. I had already played your online version so I am looking forward to playing the full game. And, Jewels of the Black Widow is awesome! I still am not sure what I am doing, but made it to level 8 on my first try. Thanks again and good luck to you! I am recommending your games to all. "


"Ordered this game last week and it came within days! Started playing it and what a hoot! The atmosphere is fab! It's a must for those who like some shaking up!"


"Just wanted you to know I finished LAST HALF and totally enjoyed it - quite unique. The story line, graphics, puzzles, music and sound effects were well done. And another thing - and most gamers will agree - the game installed and ran smoothly from start to finish - no glitches, bugs,etc. to spoil it. And that can only mean your beta testing was topnotch. That's why I really like the games from independent developers. Congratulations and I look forward to your next adventure - like WHEN?"


"Hi! I bought your game about a month ago, and I finally got through it! I loved it! It took me a while to get through it, 'cause I'm not the brightest person at puzzles, but I got through it! You did an amazing job making this game! I loved 7th Guest, and 11th hour, and you made a game better than both of them! It was really scary too! I had a couple of heart attacks during my playing, but I'm okay now. There was a couple of times I was just completely stuck! [quote edited to remove spoiler] It had amazing graphics! All of the rooms were so beautifully done too! Oh, I just can't get enough of it! I loved the ending too! When the game ended I was also wandering about that door upstairs, and it answered my question! All right! I also enjoy playing the little bonus games! My favorite is the funhouse game! I'm really glad I bought this game! I'm a huge adventure game player! I've pretty much played them all! If it looks scary, and a little disturbing, then I'm already in line to buy the darn game! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this fantastic game, and I'll probably play it over, and over again! Great Job!:>)"


"I absolutely loved the game!!! This is one of the creepiest games I've played in a long, long time. You managed to scare the ever lovin' crap out of me quite a few times. I received the game on a Saturday. After reading the "Designer's Notes", I decided not to play it until my husband came home from his trip on Sunday. I'm glad I waited, because I would not have been able to sleep alone after playing the first night. Loved the puzzles -- they all made sense and really worked with the games. Easy to navigate. The sound effects were great!! Storyline was great. I loved it all! All in all, an outstanding game that I will play again once the creepiness has subsided from my brain. Looking forward to your next effort!!! Thanks!"


"Just wanted to thank you for an extraordinary game. I finished a couple of nights ago and I’m still sleeping with the lights on! It was a wonderful story, super graphics, heart-stopping audio, and very challenging. Thanks again for a great ride! "


"Just wanted to say thank you for the game, I loved it!! Will there be a second one?? REALLY enjoyed it – I haven’t played such a great true adventure genre game for a long long time, thanks to you guys for developing it."


"Well ... SOMEBODY owes me 5 years of my life that you've just scared out of me lol - this is such a brilliant game with dark atmosphere and sound effects - thank you :o) "


"That was one of the best games I've ever played! It was very good."


"Would I recommend a romp through this ghoulish and sometimes downright hideously bloody display of putrefied flesh and gore that is known as "Last Half of Darkness: Shadows of the Servants"? Absolutely. Know though, that as I give forth my recommendations to try and play this very creepy and wickedly interesting game, I would also remind all gamers that this genre may not be for everyone's taste. It is definitely not for the squeamish or faint of heart... You have been duly warned. That said I have to mention that I had a blast playing this adventure and look forward to more like it within this genre...."

~Inferno (quote from GameBoomers Review)

" Just finished playing Beyond the Spirits Eye, needless to say, very well done. Better than the first one. You managed to scare the living crap out of me! That monster with pointy teeth got me every time!! The story and puzzles were very well integrated and logical, not to difficult but not that easy either, it was a perfect blend. The last cut scene in the game gave me the impression that there might be a third one? If so, guaranteed I will BUY IT!!! PS. The packaging of the game was excellent, I love my coin!! Hope to earn some more. "


" A REALLY EXCELLENT game without a doubt! There are also very many puzzles. Several are easy and give you a good encouraging feeling when solving them… but not all are walkovers! At least a couple are quite hard and I needed a start-hint to continue & crack them! A very good mix ! "


" I finished Spirit's Eye yesterday, and absolutely loved it. The puzzles were great fun and logical to the game, so no headscratching "duh?" moments. The inventory was a little slow to scroll through to look for a specific item, but that's just a tiny quibble; I really would recommend this fine game to anyone. "


" Just to let u know the game is brillant had to play with the lights on jump off my seat a few times. Fast delivery...can not wait till next game. Maybe I be brave and have the lights off. "


" Just wanted to let you know how much i enjoyed your latest game-Beyond the Spirit's Eye! I enjoyed it so much i could hardly stop playing it. I had NO trouble with the game. It installed well, and played well. Never a crash. I really enjoyed the continuing creepiness in the Last Half of Darkness games. Enjoyed the storyline, the graphics, and music. The puzzles were very good...some fairly easy, and some not so easy. I have a 2004 Gateway Winxp with an Nvidia FX5200(an older graphics gizmo...as you can tell i am NOT technically trained!) over a Gig processor and only i believe 525 in memory....and 250gig hard drive. So this is not a brand new machine.... Wanted you to know that so that you'd know what your game ran on..without problems. Please continue to keep up the wonderful work. It was sure nice to see the advancements in your games..very obvious each time and so far i feel this is the best!!! Hope you give us another one soon!!! And, please keep up the creepiness...and the point and click. Oh, one thing i liked along with everything else-you kept the distance between areas you might have to go back and forth to fairly short. I really appreciated that! Nice idea to design it that way.....it can be too tedious sometimes having to go back to an area that is a bit too far so this was an aspect i thought was very well planned. Thank you again for a great game and hope to see many, many more. Avid Adventure Gamer, "

~Debbie Burdette

" I started playing tonight and I'll tell you what . . . . I thought Scratches made me jump . . . . I thought Barrow Hill made my heart beat faster . . . . that's nothing compared to this little beauty. I've only played about an hour and I've jumped and yelped at least 4 times so far. Right on Bill!!!!! "


" I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I just finished Beyond the Spirit's Eye, and I hated to see the game end. You are really gifted. You take a great spooky story and combine it with a very user friendly game interface. Your puzzles are logical and fit in the context of the story, so that you aren't left feeling that they were just puzzles for puzzles sake. I also liked the 'Map' aspect of the game. It really made game navigation easy. As soon as you say that your next game (presumptuous of me I know) is ready for preorder, I'll be there with my charge card. On a personal note, I will always remember the great patience and caring you extended to me when my computer wanted to be difficult about running the game. "

~Eileen (qadventuregames at GameBoomers)

" Just finished "Beyond the Spirit's Eye", and loved it. Great story and very spooky atmosphere! Thought I would try the "Shadow of the Servants". Is there any reason it won't play on my computer that has a more advanced Direct X version than the one with the earlier game? I am not good with "tinkering" with my computer, and BTSE ran without a hitch. Many thanks, "

~Jeanne Peters

" Hey Bill! Awesome game. Wonderful graphics over your 1st one. Parts of it was so creepy and cool. I can barely wait for your next one. You are brilliant! I am also a member of Gameboomers. Thank you so much for your games. We all love it. Take care, and please do hurry with your next one! "


" I just finished Beyond the Spirit's Eye and you have another winner here. Thank you very much for such a delightful game. "


" Hi this game is fantastic. I love these kind of games. Keeps my mind busy with fun things.I have played both the games. They install easy [which I really like] I don't know a lot about computers, so I enjoy games. I am retired, so games like this are now my hobby. Game is easy to follow and enjoyed both very much. I think you should think very serious about making a new one., maybe 2 or more. Thanks for an enjoyable game. "


" Wow, this game is great! I am in midst of playing and several times I jumped outta my chair! The atmosphere and music is scary! Kudos WRF Studios After this, I plan on playing the sequel Just wanted to say that LOL :0) "


" Just wanted you to know that the game was one of the BEST that I have ever played. I was too chicken to turn off the lights, but I didn't really need to. The game was the scariest I have ever play; even with the lights on. I will be looking forward to another game on the order of this one. Thanks ever so much. PS: It was so good that I played the game in one setting (didn't even cook dinner). "