Varic and Vista, two silent, dark, and solitary "ShadowHunters" find themselves resurrected into a lost city terrorized by the all-powerful "Emperor" Ranior, a monstrous vampire lord. Haunted by visions of darkness and tormented by their ghosts from the past, Varic and Vista struggle daily, though they always continue to move forward. With each victory they grow stronger, increasing bloodline and skills in the "Dark Arts", but all at the cost of their humanity. With each new bloodline, they find themselves turning more into the vampiric monsters they were resurrected to destroy. In the end, their great power will be challenged only by themselves, as they will have to face the source of their own immortality and decide whether to embrace the darkness or destroy it.

What would you choose?

Skills & Disciplines

Bloodlust contains many skills and disciplines to help you complete your quest. Depending on which class you choose to play, you will start with a couple of class-specific disciplines. As you gain loyalty and reputatation among the clans you can learn their skillset, allowing an even wider range of skills and talents. Below are only a few...

Vampire's Gaze

Control a remote eye that can fly through tight cracks and crevices to activate levers or destroy enemies.

Summon Familiar

Summon a crow to help you fight against rival clans. This large bird can peck your enemies eyes, decreasing visibility, while detecting traps and guiding your path.


Although the Witch class starts with this skill, other classes can learn it too by gaining reputation with certain clans. Summon fire from your fingertips to destroy enemies.


Sink your fledgling fangs into flesh to gain power and sustenance.

...many more skills in actual game and demo.


Who's forces are you going to join among the world of 'night-feeders' in this dark city. A deserted and ghost-like city governed by Rainor, an evil blood emperor and king of the Vampires, this city sits on the brink of anarchy and chaos between the clans. You will need to gain certain clan's trust if you are to infultrate Rainor's society and learn the skillsets necessary to defeat the emperor. Each clan has their own agenda, traits and enemies in the society. You can choose to be as loyal or deceitful to each clan as you want, but becareful... as word travels the streets quick here and eventually to the council and Rainor himself.


This blood friendly tribe contains the craziest members of all the clans. Their words are not be trusted as their loyalty lies with no one but the ghosts they see in their mind.

Skills include HYPNOTIZE, VAMPIRE GAZE, DETECT (plus many more)


The oldest of the clans known. They are the aristrocrats of the clans among the sect in this area. They tend to blend in nicely with the rich and political leaders of the city.

Skills include SUMMON, SHAPESHIFT, FIRECRAFT (plus many more)


A clan consisting mostly of criminals, thieves and thugs. These are the most violent and less respected of the clans. They don't even bother trying to fit in with the mortal society but rather steal and feed on what they need without any regard to the orders from the council.

Skills include LOCK PICK, DISARM, IRON AURA (plus many more)

Plus other various clans exist in the area...

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