Welcome to Bloodlust

Bloodlust is a Single-Player Role Playing Game (RPG) for your Windows PC - Explore the 3D world of a forgotten society of Vampires and disciplines, while trying to battle for hierarchy among the clans.


- Bite and Sire to Build your Army of Minions

- Random Items, Weapons and Loot

- Randomly Generated Areas Provide a
  New Experience Each Time you Play

- Skills, Talents and Attibutes play an important
  part in both combat and dialog

- Challenging Puzzles

New Vampire RPG!


- Play Male or Female
- Explore A Gritty World
- Non-Linear Storyline
- Dynamic Inventory
- Play 3 Different Classes
- Use Vampire Skills
- FREE Demo

Game Play

Play Three Classes of Night Feeders...

- Thug (Warrior Type)
- Thief (Rogue Type)
- Witch (Mage Type)

With Dynamic Inventory, Stats and Skills, Gameplay Provides Infinite Replay. Summon Bats, Leeches and Spiders to Do Your Dirty Work and Build Your Bloodline from a Fledgling into a Powerful Vampire.

During Your Journey you will find and use Hundreds of Weapons and Items.

Read more: Story


Vampires have Disciplines that can be used for various actions, such as...

- Dominate (Control Enemies Minds)
- Telepathy
- Telekinesis
- Lock Picking
- Secret Sight (Detect Secret Doors)
- Spiritcraft (Powerful Magic in Fingertips)
- Spirit Summon (Familiar to Help you)
- Shapeshifting (Turn into Mist or Fog)
- Frenzy (Extreme Attack Speed)
- Iron Aura (Supernatural Armor)
- Alchemy (Mix Elixirs and Potions)
- Disarm Traps
- Firecraft (Cast Fireballs at Enemies)
- Summon Spiders to Attack
- Plus Many more...


Quests and storyline are dynamic. The decisions you make affect other quests, characters, and storyline.

Use Persuasion to affect dialog and choices throughout your journey.

Join Rival Clans to Learn their Skills or Destroy them.

Try out a few quests in the Demo.

Read more: Demo