The following quotes are from actual customers who purchased "Tomb of Zojir" directly from this site:

" Tomb of Zojir was by far the best game I've played this year! I found it challenging and fascinating. It was creepy and scary and the puzzles were excellent. I really enjoyed the game. "


"I have to say this is the best adventure game I've played this year and considered the only competition I see coming for it this year are Dark Fall 3, Mata Hari and Heaven, you're at least a shoo-in for a a few award nominations (PC, Adventure, Horror) at the end of the year, if not an outright winner of one. The only place I was really stuck on, and I feel stupid about admitting this, was trying to figure out how to get out of The City. I completed all the puzzles, set the box with the Witch's help and then was like, "I guess I get back on the boat" and then found myself wandering around for half an hour clicking everything I could to find where I could go next. Awesome job man. I'm very impressed with this.


"I just wanted to let you know how much I loved playing Tomb of Zojir. Your attention to detail, the music and sound effects, the ease of navigation, and the graphics were all outstanding. The gameplay was truly absorbing (I actually felt real resentment at having to stop playing so I could go to sleep and still make it to work on time the next day). I also loved the journal and the extras that were required to finish the game...they really added to the story and the atmosphere and the gameplay. I'm not going to tell you how long it took me to figure out some of those clues, though, because I still feel stupid about some of my "duh!" moments. Lately I've been so disappointed in the adventure games I've purchased. So few of them have been worth the money, and I ended up selling them as soon as I finished playing them. Not yours though. This one's a keeper, and well worth the price. I'll definitely be purchasing whatever you come up with next."


"I just had to let you know that I finished Tomb of Zojir last night - and I LOVED it!! Each game you do keeps getting better. Interface, graphics, music, atmosphere, story, puzzle difficulty level - you really understand gamers. I was surprised and pleased by the bonus game you gave. I wish you the best - and I'm eagerly awaiting your next game. "


"...I did it without any hints or or a walkthrough!! Loved it- very creepy, lots of places to explore, not to hard and nice little bonus ending! Sorry it's over "


"I finished it last night - and I LOVED it.You can always tell a great game. No matter how long the game is - it's never long enough. Bill - each game keeps getting better. Please tell me that you will be doing another one. "


"...sure hated for it to end. Thanks for a great game! Enjoyed it all, music, atmosphere, puzzles, story..wonderful graphics. These games just keep getting better and better and i could play it on my older PC !!! If you enjoy a nice spooky game and eerie/creepy atmosphere and you don't get this game you will be missing out. "


" I finally finished the game and loved it. Hope you make more. It was tricky at the end cause I didn't see the extra post for the stone. That was good. It is the best game I have played so far, and I have played just about all of them. Keep them coming. Thanks for it and all your help. "


" Thank you so much for another great game. Have played all of the series and found this one the best. Puzzles were just perfect, I managed to solve all of them without getting stuck, frustrated and plain giving up. The game flowed beautifully from area to area. I did go back repeatedly to already played areas in case I had missed anything. On three occasions when travelling backwards I have forgotten about the ghoul with red eyes that pops out of that hole, I screamed each time. Proves how engrossing the game was. Many congratulations and hope there will be more in the future. All the best "

~Vanda. (Gameboomer fan)

" It was really a great and fantastic game, I enoyed it so much. I'm so happy I got the tip to play this game and I intend to play the first and the second one. It was recommend by a friend. WRF Studios have done a great job. Wonderful mucis, wonderful graphic, I love the story and the locations and the puzzle. I think I have never played such a good adventuregame since "The Lost Crown" and Dracula 2 and Overcocked. This is one of my favorite game and one of the best I've ever played. I was so impressed, that I got gooesebumbs because of the good game story and the wonderful music. "


" I loved the first game your first game but this has got to be one of the best games I have played in ages. I love the logic, especially after having changed diagrams on the water puzzle and having you say that I better think a little more about this one. Made me laugh. The game just keeps getting better and better, Love the music. Your journal is wonderful. You are truly immersed and that does not happen that often in other games I have played. I am really going to hate to see this one end. I am a Gameboomers member and will be sure to let everyone know how great this game was. My compliments to you! I hope to see more games with this much thought into a plot, graphics, puzzles and truly the whole package. AWESOME!!! "


" My granddaughter and I are playing the game together. She is having as much fun as I am, it is really a wonderful game. "


" Just finished the game and enjoyed every minute of it, even some of those very frustrating puzzles. Of course I needed help from your walk through for those, thank you for that help. Using all the materials in the box really made the game extra special. I am looking forward to the next installment. However I gave up on The Secret of the Idol, my old eyes are just not up to that kind of thing. Also, I don't like playing online. But the idea of a special gift from finishing a game is really a nice touch. Thank you again for a great game, keep up the good work. "


" I have enjoyed all of your Last Half of Darkness games but I must say I enjoyed this one the most. The puzzles were great, only finding the trap spider took me some time, the rest were done with ease, not always quickly but with ease. I thoroughly enjoyed the ending. It was quite unexpected. Thanks again for the great game and the entertaining puzzles. "

~A greatful fan

" Just finished the game. Simply great, although I had some hard times *g*. I love it, as all your others, I have them all. Desperately hoping for your next game to be published. Thanks for the wonderful time your game spent to me. Best regards "

~Claudia from Austria

" Hello WRF Studios. I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed playing your game named above...I can't remember when I enjoyed an adventure game as much as this one in a long while. Please keep the games coming... "


" Well we just finished Tomb of Zojir and all we can say is wow!!! Another fantastic game from WRF Studios. Truly outstanding. Your game play, puzzles, and general downright creepiness are heads and tails above the rest. We can't wait for the "Serpent Moon" game. Any guess on when we will see it's release? Thanks for the great games. Keep up the great work. "

~Chad and April

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