There are no PATCHES for Tomb of Zojir... However see below for common solutions :

NOTE: Anti-virus software can cause unpredictable results - If you are having trouble with glitches - try turning off anti-virus software (Make sure to turn it back on after game)


SOLUTION: Make sure to type in registration key EXACTLY as shown (including dashes)


SOLUTION: Some Anti-Virus Protection Software must scan entire DVD disk (Some take as long as 20 minutes to scan)... Wait at least 20 minutes or Disable Anti-Virus Software


SOLUTION: Error 31 means the game cannot find a particular file... Try re-installing.


SOLUTION: (see error below)


SOLUTION: You should see an intro WRF Studios Logo and intro Movie... if not... your system cannot play movie files. Some users have experienced video animation playback issues due to incorrectly installed "Cinepak Codec" driver.

Some additional codec paks CAUSE CONFLICTS - see list below (check your system to see if they are installed)

-K-lite Codec pack
-XP codec pack 2.3.6
-Codec Pack All in 1
-Combined Community Codec Pack

You may need to uninstall any of the above codecs if they are installed on your system. (there may be others not listed above)

**** DO AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! ***

We have to put that disclaimer in there since we are not familar with your level of experience or the particulars with your current system.

1. Some users needed to uninstall ANY additional Codec paks installed on their system.
2. Some users also needed to re-install CinePak Codec on their system.

You may get the CinePak Installer here: cinepak_setup.exe

VERY IMPORTANT: After you Download and install - A new "CINEPAK" icon will appear on your desktop... click it... and a registry warning window will appear... click ok or yes then a new registry window will appear stating that registry has been successfully updated.


Last Half of Darkness : Tomb of Zojir WALKTHROUGH

Your journey to the Isle of the Dead brings you through the north canal and into the...

Sea Cave
Examine the small ledge with an ancient head on it. Take ROPE. Then move BACK 1 then move LEFT into...

Boarded up Doorway
Move FORWARD until you see 5 nails on left-side of screen... Take NAILS - then move back to Sea Cave with boat... move LEFT then FORWARD several times until you get to...

Click on the vase with the small metal object inside... It breaks... How could a hook be inside the vase like that? The opening is too small for it to get in there...Very
strange... but take the HOOK while you ponder that question... then move BACK then move FORWARD to...

Dark Doorway
A garbled voice can be heard beyond the darkness... it asks why you have entered its cave... Answer if you want.. then move LEFT and FORWARD to...

Dead Man
This guy looks like a rock fell on top of him while he was excavating... Take the NOTEBOOK then RIGHT-CLICK to examine from your inventory. Turn pages until you find the maps inside the notebook. Take MAPS then STOP READING notebook and RIGHT-CLICK on MAPS... click on PUZZLE

Puzzle Circle
This strange circle looks similar to the diagrams drawn in the NOTEBOOK and the tiny holes look just big enough for nails to slide into. EXAMINE notebook again... Turn to the back of the NOTEBOOK to see the all the holes numbered (NOTE: by looking at this diagram in back of notebook you now have the knowledge of how the holes are numbered - making it much easier to do the following sequences)

Click on the holes in the circle to insert the nails according each of the 4 sequences shown in notebook. (click on holes with a nail to remove the nail) Each time a correct sequence in completed... one of the 4 domes will light up

Once all 4 of the domes are lit and the center dome flashes.... go to....

Opened Secret Pit in Ground
It's too far down to jump... click on ROPE then click on HOOK to combine items to make HOOK TIED TO ROPE then move HOOK TIED TO ROPE on pit. Climb down into pit. Then exit cave into...

Outside Cave
NOTE: You can now look at a new section of maps - Move into cemetery and then move RIGHT then move FORWARD then FORWARD again.. then move onto PORCH then enter house and to...

Inside House (Entrance Area)
Inside the entrance you can move into the closet... take KEY from table while inside closet area. Then exit closet back into entrance area. Now move DOWNSTAIRS into GARDEN ROOM - take the staircase up (notice the painting of ship) - move RIGHT down hall and into the

TV Room
You check the TV... but there's a knob missing... You look around room and find a jewelry box on a table on left side of room - Take JEWELRY BOX
RIGHT-CLICK to open JEWELRY BOX - take the BROKEN TV KNOB - then look around room and find an old TV GUIDE - Notice that 2 shows on channel 7 are highlighted (perhaps that's the only station this TVs reception gets?)

Exit TV room and move back down hall to staircase with picture of Ship - now move LEFT into room - then RIGHT into...

Dark room with strange man
Talk with man - He will talk about a strange box sitting on table - try to take it (if you dare) - You quickly see he is not going to let you take the box... You will need to find a way to get it past him. He likes wine... but it won't be that easy. Exit room and go back downstairs into GARDEN ROOM and then back upstairs into MAIN ENTRANCE AREA of house

Go UPSTAIRS (turn around if necessary) into UPSTAIRS HALL and move RIGHT into...

Look at the tub to the right... take the DAMP TOWEL.... Move back and examine the sink... It contains an empty bottle of sleeping pills... It looks like some sleeping pills might have fallen down the drain. (These might be useful to knock that crazy guy in the room out - but how to get them? And how to slip them to him?)

Exit Bathroom and Move back into main ENTRANCE AREA of house - then move downstairs into GARDEN ROOM and then RIGHT through DINING ROOM and into the...

Open the cupboard to find the BOX OF CEREAL - RIGHT-CLICK to examine CEREAL - Turn it around - Notice the box has been cut... LOOK INSIDE BOX - take the WRAPPED TOY PRIZE - then RIGHT-CLICK to examine WRAPPED TOY PRIZE - click on TOY to unwrap. Move BACK to main view of kitchen...

Then examine bottles over entrance doorway. Take the BOTTLE OF OLIVE OIL.
Look inside refrigerator... The broken fridge light keeps a BOTTLE OF WINE hidden from view - Take BOTTLE OF WINE then exit kitchen back into GARDEN ROOM then exit through back door and into...

You can barely notice a red valve near the backdoor entrance - Wonder what it turns on (or off) - TURN RED VALVE then move around side of house and through basement weather door and into...

You try to open the rusty gate but it won't budge.... There's a pipe with a small leak (This must be what the valve turned on) - the leaky steam pipe leads to some sort of compression chamber attached to gate. Use DAMP TOWEL to tie around pipe to stop leak. Now there is a enough pressure to open the door. Move through door and into...

Work Area
Take BUCKET and more FORWARD to the workbench. Examine the small can to find the GLUE. Take the GLUE and then open the DRAWER and take the RUSTY PLIERS. Use the GLUE on the BROKEN TV KNOB... Examine the blueprints on the wall. Now exit basement and move back up into the...

TV Room (second visit)
Examine TV and use FIXED TV KNOB on TV... turn knob to turn on TV... Remember the TV guide? - remember how stations with channel 7 where hi-lighted?... turn to channel 7 - still no reception... may you need to adjust antenna? Click up on tv screen to adjust antenna.

Bathroom (second visit)
Examine SINK then click below sink to open sink door... With the RUSTY PLIERS you might be able to open the pipes below the sink to get at the SLEEPING PILLS - But the pliers are too rusty... they won't open... Use the OLIVE OIL to lubricate the RUSTY PLIERS - then use the PLIERS on the pipe to open. Take the SLEEPING PILLS. How to slip the crazy man the sleeping pills? He likes wine.... use SLEEPING PILLS on BOTTLE OF WINE... exit bathroom and go back to

Dark room with strange man (second visit)
Give BOTTLE OF WINE WITH SLEEPING PILLS to man. Exit room and move around about 20 turns... then go back into room. Take MYSTERIOUS BOX on table. (don't bother messing with the box now- you have no idea what to do)

Now exit room and go back into UPSTAIRS HALL (hall adjacent to MAIN ENTRANCE AREA) - across from bathroom is the doorway into the

Take a look at the bookcase and read the 2 books available - In one of the books you can TEAR page then take the MECHANICAL KEY. Examine left-side of room where the strange painting is of old woman. Examine lower hole (notice how "Prototype 23" matches the label on the strange mechanical key) - INSERT MECHANICAL KEY into hole... secret door opens. Enter secret door at back of library and enter...

Room with no roof
The rain pours in through the collapsed roof with flashes of lightning filtering throughout the room. You can examine the far bookcase to READ the BOOK - the story of Zojir is written in its pages. Examine the night stand on right side of room and OPEN DRAWER and take the HANDLE... then exit room back into library and move LEFT through doorway into...

Move FORWARD and then use KEY (found in box on table in closet) on locked door... enter...

Room with Strange Girl
When you first enter... you will see a strange little girl with hooded shroud cover her head. After she has gone... move over to section where she was standing... look at tomb sketches and pictures drawn by owner of house. Move back.. and examine bookcase in back of room - take the METAL CAP. (looks similar to the blueprints, huh?) Exit house until you are standing outside house gate then move back...

4 way paths
To the LEFT is a river area... to the RIGHT is the entrance to the Pier/wharf area... FORWARD is the entrance to the house and BACK takes you to the cemetery.

Move LEFT and then FORWARD then take PLANK - then move back to 4-way-path again... move RIGHT to...

The pier is broken... preventing you from entering the pier area... use the PLANK on broken boards then move FORWARD then click on BOAT

Once you try exiting boat... you will hear a man shouting "Get out of that Boat!"
Listen to Hank then exit boat and move to

Outside Hank's Hut
Examine and open trash can... Take the PIECES OF CARDBOARD then examine them... Strange... they are just covered with black and white dots.
Hmmmmm..... there is a small section of the cereal box with the same pattern... wonder if? Yes... use CEREAL TOY on PIECES OF CARDBOARD

Arrange cardboard pieces inside frame.

See what it says... this must be the missing section from the cut box of cereal - remember how the box of cereal says... "Can you see the hidden phrase"

BUT WAIT!!!!!! There's few pieces missing - as if someone cut out several letters - but why?

Hank's Hut
Look at the dresser - open drawer and READ HANKS JOURNAL - a necessary read for a few things to make sense.
Open bottom drawer and take LIGHTER - right-click to find out it doesn't work - (but a spark might be useful?)

Look in closet... examine PICTURE OF HANKS WIFE

Move to...

Computer Desk
Turn on computer...

Which website should you go to?

Remember the TV? Remember that it showed a website address? Type in the website address shown from fixed TV in house.

Ok... but now it's asking for the first 2 lines of the "Secret Phrase"... Remember the cut pieces from the cereal box found in trashcan? This must be the hidden phrase - but some of the letters where cut out - not sure you can deduce what the phrase says until you find those missing letters....

Examine the side of computer... Notice the taped up cut out piece of cardboard on the side of the computer? (Remember what Hank wrote about in his journal - the part where he took some liberties with the DR's box of cereal)

Use the unwrapped TOY on the pieces of cardboard taped to side of computer...

Hmmmm... These must be the missing letters Hank cut out to create a clever way to hide his password from prying eyes huh?
With these missing letters you should be able to figure out the first 2 lines of the "Hidden Phrase"
NOTE: The 2 lines much be entered EXACTLY correct with no extra spaces or any punctuation.

After the 2 lines of the hidden phrase are entered... it asks for a password... using the TOY on cardboard from side of computer... you know it.... Enter it to read Hank's E-Mail.

After reading one of Hank's emails you may have figured out a way into his locker (his key broke off in the lock- so you are not getting in the regular way) - His friend suggests going in through HIS locker (since there is a hole between Hank's and Hanks friends locker) - "He can fish anything he might need out that way"

Exit the computer and enter the boat house - examine the locker area and enter the combination provided by Hank's friend.

Open the friends locker and examine the LEFT side of locker then take KEY

Exit boathouse and go back into Hank's Hut and use KEY on COMPUTER DESK DRAWER... Take the poem Hank wrote about his wife.

RIGHT-CLICK on MAPS and click on CRYPT area

Outside crypt
Enter and click on coffin slab - Notice the strange puzzle-type object (I think this might of been one of the projects listed in the workbook in the library in the doctor's house)
Remember what the paper in the closet showed? Remember the diagram and what was written in the NOTEBOOK? (from inside actual game package) - Swap the puzzle pieces - Move the tall puzzle pieces where the short puzzles pieces are and visa versa.

Once puzzle is completed a secret chamber down into darkness will open. Go through it to...

Secret Passage
Move down stairs and then examine statue on RIGHT side - notice a compartment at its base? Click it... and take the strange CYLINDER object (remember the blue prints and the similar broken object found in basement workshop?)
Move FORWARD to...

Wall with Hole
Use the METAL CAP (found in room in house) on CYLINDER... Then use the HANDLE (found in drawer in room without roof) on CYLINDER WITH CAP then insert COMPLETED CYLINDER into hole...

Boiler Room
Turn red valve to turn on gas... then use LIGHTER to spark the fumes... then move to the RIGHT and enter small chamber where you need to turn valve (this will unlock mechanical device and valve handles above) Now you are ready to go to the...

Mechanical Valve Puzzle
This is located above the boiler room and requires you to light the boiler and turn the valves below in order to unlock this machine. (see above) - Once the valve handles are unlocked you are ready to do this puzzle.

HINT: Notice the strange symbols look very similar to the DVD disk and STRANGE PAPER included with game (can you figure it out? It's tricky!!!!!)

HINT: Notice how the 2 handles move only the 2 left side symbols? The other symbols on the upper-right must be some sort of "key"

HINT: Notice how the DVD fits perfectly into the center circle on the strange piece of paper included with the game?

HINT: Hmmmmm... if you rotate the DVD it sort of makes similar PLANET/LETTER pairs like shown in the windows of the machine huh?

CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT???? (It's ok... told you it was tricky!!!!)
This is a tricky puzzle that requires the DVD ROM DISK is placed onto the MYSTERIOUS PIECE OF PAPER

STEP 1: Place DVD into center of circle on MYSTERIOUS PAPER (found inside actual game box)

STEP 2: Now look at the PLANET and LETTER symbols shown in upper-right windows on "machine" (these are the symbols you are going to match by rotating the dvd on top of mysterious paper)

STEP 3: Rotate DVD until the PLANET symbol is aligned right next to the LETTER symbol

STEP 4: Now with the DVD correctly rotated in Step 1 to match the "key" letter/planet pair... Adjust the other letters (using the red valve handles) to match up next to the other planet symbols shown on DVD (in the DVD current rotated state)

STEP 5: Press the button

STEP 6: If you have done correctly... the FIRST of 3 green lights will light up - then the "key" will change then repeat STEP 2

Once all 3 lights are lit... the gate will open... allowing you to enter the

Gated Crypt
Enter and examine the pillar to the upper right. Notice how there are 3 cylinders with letters on them - Perhaps something needs to be spelled? But what 3 letter word could it be? Remember how Hank wrote about figuring out a safe place to bury his wife where no one could get to her...

Maybe you should re-read the Hank's poem to his wife.

I think you know what to spell now, right?
After spelling Hank's wife's name... the gate opens... allowing you to move into...

The lift sways but won't move down... Perhaps the secret once again lies in Hank's poem (He really wanted to make if difficult for any thieves to find his wife) - You will need to go back into the house and into the kitchen - use the BUCKET on the sink - then come back to lift and use the BUCKET WITH WATER on vase.

You will end up in...

Secret Mine Shaft
NOTE: There is no MAP while down in mine. Move forward to...

Mine Shaft
Take the FUEL CAN behind the rock. Then move upstairs to doorway... Open the door into...

Secret Chamber
Take a closer look at the painting on the far wall... Who is that... Could that be the picture Hank wrote about in his journal? Very weird! What's going on? There is a small keyhole at the bottom of picture... Remember how you opened the secret door in the house? Use the MECH KEY on hole in painting. Enter...

Control Room
This room looks like some sort of control room... but what does it control? Move closer to control panel - You have no idea what or how to work these controls... better go BACK and look at the sign posted above the control panel. Notice the instruction written on it? Ok... Good now you know how to start the generator. But it wont start... better go BACK and click on the LEFT side of room near the GENERATOR FUEL TANK then use the FUEL CAN on the SPOUT to fill up fuel tank for generator... now go back to control panel and make sure controls are set as shown in instructions on sign above control panel.

Exit room and move up stairs toward Mausoleum Monorail... Enter car and move lever forward... take a ride to...

Mausoleum Monorail (Swamp Station)
Exit the car and move forward towards mine exit. Then exit mine and enter the...

NOTE: New map area has opened up - check it out by RIGHT-clicking on the maps in your inventory

Move LEFT then FORWARD over bridge and into the...

Swamp House (Entrance Area)
Look on the top shelf to the RIGHT - then examine the small round container... TAKE the VENTIA LEAVES. Then move into...

Swamp House (Main Room)
Look on the top shelf to the RIGHT again... examine the venus flytrap and take the FLY - examine the bookcase to move closer... then open the bookcase. Read the book. Note you cannot take the mysterious box yet. Move through LEFT DOORWAY and into the...

Swamp House (Dark Hall)
Move through RIGHT doorway and into the...

Swamp House (Laboratory)
Examine the far bookshelf and read the book - Notice how it talks about a "Trap-Door" Spider (of course it uses its scientific name) and where they live and what they like to eat. This info might come in handy. Then examine the bottom shelf and take the MAGGOT from center container labeled "Trap Door" - Exit room by going back up stairs and into dark hall... this time move forward into...

Swamp House (Empty room with Chest)
There is a locked chest in this room... where is the key? Move forward into...

Swamp House (Dark Room)
Examine Top shelf near doorway to find the Scorpion guarding a small key. If you attempt to take the key... the scorpion will back up preventing you from taking it. Perhaps you could "lure it away" from the key. Use the MAGGOT and place it in front of the scorpion. That should keep him busy while you take the SMALL KEY.

Open pantry door and take KEY and ALCOHOL bottle. Then leave room and enter the empty room with chest... Use KEY on chest and take the MATCH. Exit this room and return to...

Swamp House (Main Room)
Look on the top shelf to the LEFT to find a small basket container... I think the SCORPION'S KEY might fit here. Yes... but you never know what lurks in a swamp witches shack do you? Examine inside the basket and take HANK'S FISHING LICENSE - turn it over and read the back side.... Talk with the swamp witch.... She will tell you to take the MYSTERIOUS BOX from the bookcase.

Remember you have been bitten... (if you were to try and open the padlock down by the dock you would become very groggy, vision blurry and unfocused - so you must drink some anti-venom potion) - Read the book in the bookcase on how to make the solution. You will need one more ingredient found outside near a familiar mound similar to the one shown in the book. Go outside and move to the RIGHT of swamp pond to...

Swamp (Trap-Door spider mound)
Place FLY you found near opening then leave... come back and take TRAP-DOOR SPIDER then go back into house and into the...

Swamp House (Laboratory)

- Light candle under beaker with MATCH
- Use ALCOHOL on beaker
- Use VENTIA LEAVES on beaker
- Use TRAPDOOR SPIDER on beaker
- Drink Mixture (now you can open padlock without things getting blurry)

Swamp Dock
Examine the backside of Hank's FISHING LICENSE - It looks like he wrote the combo so he would not forget it. Enter the padlock combo and take the boat for a little ride up river to the...

Deserted Town (Dock)
Exit boat and move LEFT through archway and into alley. Enter the LEFT door into...

Tara's House
This is a young gypsy's house... Although it looks deserted and dark. Move into the main room and examine the bookcase to the RIGHT. Read the book(make note of the diagram and what it talks about) - Take a few coins from the bowl if you want. Back out of bookcase and examine the drawer in back of room. Take the FLASHLIGHT and then move upstairs into...

Tara's House upstairs
Tara is sitting in the darkness... almost as if she is waiting for you. Talk with her... She will tell you where to place the 3 spiders onto the center diagram in your journal. However she does not have the knowledge on how they are rotated. You must exit the house and move through alley and into...

Open trash container and take the BATTERIES - use BATTERIES on FLASHLIGHT. Then move LEFT and into...

Witches House
A crow flies in through the window and perches on a lamp... examine the room and notice a small sheet of paper on the drawer to the RIGHT. Move the paper to reveal another paper underneath. What do these poem passages mean? Back away from drawer and move through center doorway into...

Witch Room
It is completely dark... only a few flashes of lightning illuminate the room. A few distant mumbling's can be heard... You have obviously walked into something... but what... A witch-lady is sitting in the center of the floor... Talk with her and then find the orbs she asks about. Where are the orbs? Back away from witch and examine the...

Box Puzzle
This puzzle contains tiles that must be moved to create a match of 3 symbols. Once each match of 3 symbols is completed the tiles symbols are erased. Match all symbols to reveal a secret compartment containing a KEY. Take the key and open the drawer... Take the BAG OF ORBS. (but one is missing) - You must examine the PICTURE in main room.

Strange Picture
You will actually be transported into the scene with a grave and a little girl... She has a doll but she drops it... You are quickly transported out in a flash of bright light... go back into picture again and take the DOLL. Examine the DOLL and take the BLUE ORB from its eye. Now take the orbs to the witch to start the...

Orb Puzzle
Once you have all the orbs you can click on witch to start orb puzzle. But where do each of the colored orbs go? There's a hint on top of the drawer in other room. Move paper to reveal poem. The poem tells you exactly where each colored orb is positioned on the symbol on floor.

HINT: if you look at paper and leave 3 or more times the solution is given by showing you all the colors right on the poem paper

Tara's House (Main Room with Fan)
Look closely at floor in front of stairway up into darkness. There's a small door in the floor. Open it and go down into the...

Dark Sewer
It is too dark but your dim flashlight might be enough to find the switch.... Use FLASHLIGHT on area below red light. Turn switch to turn power on. Now you can move forward. Keep moving forward until you exit sewer and come to...

Pond with Cave Entrance
Move to the RIGHT to enter a small cave. Then try crossing underground bridge. It's not quite that easy is it? You will need to know which old planks to step on. Move back from bridge and look to the RIGHT to see a small stack of red and green disks. These disks represent the correct boards to "step" on. But is it from the top to the bottom or bottom to the top... Once you figure that out... move across bridge and into the room with...

Head Lock Puzzle
Remember that torn page you took from the book in the Doctor's study? You might want to look at it now... I reveals that you must rotate the head to each of the numbers in the same sequence listed on paper.

NOTE: It's tricky... because this is not a safe combo... you don't automatically alternate between CLOCKWISE and COUNTER CLOCKWISE after each number.

The head lock will reset after a set amount of turns... so you must figure out the most efficient way of turning the head to touch all of the numbers listed on sheet.

HINT: if you reset head 3 or more times and exit puzzle - a ghost will appear and help you. Once completed... you will take the GLOWSTONE and exit cave and move towards...

Spider Temple
Move forward and place the BOX (correctly set by following instructions from Tara and the Witches Orb Puzzle) into the mouth of the spider statue. If the box is correctly set... you will see the door open... Move through it and into...

HOW TO SET THE BOX: Step 1: find out from Tara where each of the three spiders start out... then do the orb puzzle to find out how many spaces the spiders should rotate. Step 2: once the spiders have been rotated... set the box according to the symbols the spiders are now sitting. NOTE: the symbols do not have to be in order... in fact you will notice that the some slots wont show certain symbols at all - you will need to play around in order to get all 3 symbols shown.

Mountain Bottom
There is a angry and dangerous WOLF standing by the entrance to the cave. Back up very slowly and return to sewer section with pipe. Examine pipe and take the dead CRAB. (Remember how you would need a very good reason to touch such a smelly creature - now you have it) - Return to WOLF and give it to him. Enter cave and forward to...

Spike Trap
It looks like someone didn't want anyone to enter this cave... If you try to move forward... large spikes prevent your movement. Take the BROKEN STAFF and POLE. Then examine the upper RIGHT disk. Use the BROKEN POLE in hole. The trap will reset allowing you to pass.

Tomb Courtyard
NOTE: New map is available here. If you move to the RIGHT you will notice a large door preventing your movement into the main courtyard area. Move forward into...

Weight Puzzle
You must adjust all the weights by moving them around until all the poles are all the same weight. You can only move the top weights from each pole. Adjust all to be the same level. It's tricky but there are actually several different solutions. Once complete - the courtyard door will open... move back from puzzle and examine large vase and take the PRIMITIVE BOMB then move back into main courtyard and then move LEFT into...

Tomb Entrance
Notice there is a dead warrior here holding a large staff pole... Take the large POLE and build the new staff from GLOWSTONE, STAFFHEAD and new POLE. Now that you have opened the main courtyard door (a section on the map is available - click on the main courtyard on right side of map to quickly move there)

Main Courtyard
Move RIGHT through archway and upstairs to the...

Moon Room
This room has a wide horizontal window allowing the moonlight to filter in. Move towards center of room and insert newly built STAFF with GEM into correct hole. Remember the diagram from book in Tara's house? It showed the correct position of the filtered moonlight on floor diagram. Once correctly placed...examine the filtered moonlight through glowstone on floor... It will show you how many moon moths are attracted to the light. Remember this number then exit moon room and go back downstairs and into main courtyard then forward to...

Chamber of Zojir
There is a small candle lit near his grave... Someone must of been here recently... light the PRIMITIVE BOMB on candle. Then exit room and return to main section of tomb near the...

Moon Door
Notice the 12 tiny holes on the surface of the door. Each hole has 5 settings... This door must add up to the number of moon moths found in moon room. Adjust a couple of the holes to make the door add up correctly. Then enter room and into the...

Moon Door Hallway
There is a dead man with a red stone in his hand here... Don't try to take it (Remember the story? You cannot touch the stones without the Tameracs charm) There is a crack in the far wall. You probably should try to get through this wall.... Use the LIT PRIMITIVE BOMB on wall. Then enter...

Tamerac's Chamber
Take the CHARM. Now you can touch the stones safely. Exit chamber and take the STONE. You must find all 6 stones from the tomb area... (Don't forget the one the swamp lady gave you - You can open the box now) Once you have all the stones... go back into...

Bloodstone #1: Found in box from SwampLady's House

Bloodstone #2: Found in hand of dead man on floor after entering Moondoor

Bloodstone #3: Found underwater after pool is drained (pool drains after ball puzzle is done)

Bloodstone #4, 5# and #6: Found in room behind Eye Door

Bloodstone #7: Found on dead man upstairs behind gate (chamber filled with water lifts you up into this area)

Chamber of Zojir
Place all 7 stones on the pillars in this chamber... then go through doorway and into...

Secret Chamber
Move forward to the pillar... Take TAMERAC'S HAMMER. Remember what the witch said about destroying the eye? Place EYE on stone... Use HAMMER on EYE. Things will shake and a rock will open up room in floor. Go down into room... and... into...

Secret Underground Hall
Once down in hole in floor... Move through RIGHT doorway and into hallway... examine RIGHT door to start the...

Door Puzzle
You will have to find the red tile and match it by clicking on the other red tile before the puzzle resets. Once you have done this 4 times all locks are unlocked and then door will open into the....

[There's a little more... but I think you can figure it out... ]

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