Last Half of Darkness : Shadows of the Servants WALKTHROUGH

Because this adventure is non-linear, this walkthrough follows only one of the many possible sequences of gameplay. You may want to try reading only the section you are stuck in. If possible, read only one line of text at a time to avoid revealing the next line and possibly a clue. Enjoy!

The summoning has begun. A bright flash of white light and you awake inside...

The Dark Room
You find yourself inside a dark room, carrying only a small piece of paper with strange markings on it. How did I get here? What does this paper mean and how did I get it. Was someone trying to help me? Perhaps the book on the table will provide some answers? After reading the book, you try opening the door, but it's locked. You move around the room and find another door. It's not locked and It's the way out!

- Exit room and enter Stairway
- Do not go to Mansion yet, but rather up street, into town. Move up street again, and into...

Voodoo Shop
The shop is filled with hundreds of items for sale, however, only the Cabinet seems to contain anything that might be of value to you. Potions, scrolls, elixirs, herbs... interesting, but what exactly do I need? Doesn't seem like stuff I should fool around with. Better check this out later. Move to the Board of Blood Stones on the left side of the shop (on the table, under the large cage). Click on the right side of the table to hear directions on how to play the blood stone game.

Swap two-conjoining stones to create a row of three or more. "The more stones in a row, the more blood will start to flow" Some stone-types provide more blood than others - Try to figure out which ones increase the most blood. Blood will gradually decrease in vial - so try not to take too long. Once the vial is full a vision will appear in the center of the board... A skull appears with two different colored eyes - purple right eye and a red left eye - "The secret lies within the eyes" What does that mean? Perhaps I will find out later?

- Exit shop, move down street and then enter the...

Alley with Strange Man at Table
He has a game for you. Are you up for the challenge? If you leave without winning, he will taunt you back with his cryptic poetic words...

"Choose correctly with your eyes...
     Three times the key to see the prize...
         look again inside the shop...
             to find the fruit is in it's spot."

Step up to the table and watch carefully the cup with the ball - He will distract you for a second at the beginning. The game is different each time. If you win 3 times in a row, he will show you an item you will need. Go back into the Voodoo Shop and get this item from the Cabinet. (you will know later more about this item)

- Exit alley and move left...outside door. Open and enter door into...

New Orleans Novelty & Toy Company
It appears this business is no longer. Just a dirty sign leaning up against the wall and a final letter to it's employees (Examine note on wall next to sign) - Move through the dark arch-doorway and down the long corridor to the...

Fortune-Telling Machine
A few clicks on the button, reveals it must be broken. Perhaps this is the machine the note on the wall was referring to? Not sure...Can't find a model number. Maybe you can fix it? Better take a look inside.

- Click on machine door near bottom to open then enter...

Inside Machine
The ic-board contains 12 clock Mhz circuits with tiny numbers displayed next to each. The lower-right circuit displays an "ERR" flashing in its display window. The note on wall mentioned something about lightning changing the clock processor's speed (and there sure has been plenty of lightning tonight) so perhaps it just needs a few adjustments to get it working. But what could the correct settings be? The circuit pattern looks familar... It has the same arrangement as the piece of paper you're carrying doesn't it? Notice the roman numerals on the paper match the numeric numbers on the ic-board.

- Adjust the processor clocks according to the tiny numbers on the piece of paper found inside game package. Once adjusted correctly the "ERR" will change to the text "SET"

- Exit inside machine and press button again (Notice how now it's flashing)

- Click on the card-drop box in lower part of machine to read card - "You will get a HAND in opening a locked door" - Strange fortune - but ok, you can probably use all the hands you can get, right?

- Exit the corridor and the shop then move back through town until you reach the Town Entrance.(next to staircase where you came out of first room) Click the house on the hill in the distance to move to...

Squeeze through the Front Gate to the Porch and then enter the mansion Foyer.

- Enter the left Hall and Examine the table. Take Mira's Journal. RIGHT-CLICK to view the book and turn the pages to reveal more clues written by Mira. (Most of it you won't understand now - but keep it handy for future reading) Move back and then enter the...

The study contains only a dimly lit desklamp to provide light, making it difficult to examine things. First, you might want to check out the desk top. There is a torn piece of paper sitting on the large chart. Take it and RIGHT-CLICK on it to examine it closer. Put the pieces together by dragging each piece into the 4 guide marks located at each corner. (Again, it might not make sense now - but holds a clue for a future puzzle)

- Move "back" from the desk top.

- Click on the Desk Drawers to open them. Open the second drawer and take the light bulb. Open the third drawer for the magnifying glass and open the bottom drawer for the fuse.

- Examine the strange ornament on the top of the bookcase. It appears it could be a button. Press it to reveal a secret passage behind the large painting on the opposite side of room.

- Enter Passage

Move down stairway and into bottom section of passage. Examine the web spun in the top-left corner of the pipes. A closer look reveals a tiny eggsack woven into the web. Take the spider eggs. Then move through right arch-doorway to...

Closed Metal Door
A push strong push on the door and you know this ain't moving. There is a open metal box to the right. Click on it to examine closer.

Electronic Door Lock Panel
The front faceplate of this electronic panel has been removed or destroyed. The circuit board appears to be ok, with no cracks or damage to the components. Perhaps it's only a fuse that has blown? That would be an easy fix. But where's the junction box to this section of the house?

- Click on FAR RIGHT side of screen to move "back"
- Exit passage to study then exit into hall and move forward into...

Dining Room
Get ready... the ghost of Mira tends to appear in sequence with a flash of lightning from outside and then leaves just as mysteriously. Listen carefully and learn the story of why she brought you here. Feel free to click on the dialog choices at bottom of screen to hear more.

-When finished listening, move forward into the...

A careful look on the center cooking counter reveals a small sharp knife. Take it. Feel free to use the phone here if you want a freakish ear worm to appear from inside the phone. Why? Is it Jaja's spirit?

- Move Near Refrigerator and open it. Take the cheese from inside refrigerator
- Open the cupboard and take the spider-cide. (Judging from all the web in this house - you might need it)
- Enter dark doorway into...

Completely shrouded in shadows, it is difficult to see much in here. It would be nice to turn on the light, but it's so dark you can't even find the switch. It's got to be around here somewhere. You can see the bulb in the center of the room, so you know there must be switch. Aren't light switches are usually near the doorway. Better feel around in the dark.

- Turn on light... Bam! I guess that bulb wasn't good, huh?
- Replace bulb with new one found in desk drawer in study.
- Turn on light again.

Thats better. You can see now.

- Take lighter on chair and mouse-trap on counter
- Exit pantry and move out of kitchen and back into dining room again. Exit through doors on left side of dining room onto balcony.

Immediately outside of the dining room doorway, you will find yourself on the balcony. Move into the backyard and then move to the east yard. Move to side of house and then to the shed.

- Open shed doors. (A strong force, opens from inside, throwing the doors open violently)
- Take the sledge hammer
- Move back to east yard, then to backyard, and then to door. Open door and enter...

Storage room
This room is mostly empty, except for a few boxes and a couple of shelves. A doorway in the back of this room is all bricked and boarded up. Is there a room behind those bricks? Can you break it down?

- Notice the wrench on top of the barrel? Take it.
- Use the sledge hammer to break down the boards and bricks.
- Enter the doorway and enter the...

Generator Room
A lamp from the storage room casts dusty beams of light on an old antique generator in the corner of this room. On the left wall contains a power-junction box. Perhaps it will open? Try it.

- Open the junction box to reveal a very large spider crawling over the exact section you need access to. How are you going to get rid of it? - Use the spider-cide on the spider
- Place the fuse into the empty slot.
Now to get the old generator working...Click on it to take a closer look.
- The lever is stuck. Do you have something that could move it? Try the wrench you found.
- Exit storage room and return to house. Enter the study and then the passage.
- Go down through secret passage and to the...

Electronic Door Lock Panel (second visit -after turning power on)
Now that you have turned on the generator and replaced the fuse you can notice the blinking red L.E.D. at the top of the circuit board. But since its red it must not be activated correctly. Normally the missing faceplate would provide the input to open the door. Better figure out a way to bypass. There are a few wires here. Can you figure out where they go? The wires seem to be very stiff and are not flexible at all. Perhaps if you line them up with possible circuits leads, you could figure out the only logical place they could fit?

- Using the mouse, drag all the wires onto the correct leads. Release the mouse button to place wire in spot. You will notice that the wires will click into place if you are near the correct area. Trial and error usually works here. However, there is a diagram on the last page of the Doctor's journal (located in basement furnace - of course getting down there is a completely different puzzle) - Click HERE to view the completed puzzle.

- Another hint for the wire puzzle is... don't bother trying to overlap any other "correctly placed" wires or circuitry. Everything fits very clean and neat when finished.
- When all wires are placed correctly you will hear a small buzz and the lab door will open.
- Enter doorway into...

Once inside the lab, move to the operating table and take the syringe then check out the computer. It might have some important information left by the doctor, huh? But of course she password protected it! That torn piece of paper you put together upstairs could have something to do with this.

- "Five touches of the keys" - a computer keyboard has keys, huh?
- "Electronic solution that you crave" - a computer is electronic huh?
- "Mirror image of the grave - why is the word grave underlined? Maybe it has something to do with the word "grave"

Figure it out yet? Nope?

- Type the word grave backwards into the computer. ( Type slowly: E V A R G )
- Take a look at the INFO folder and the UNTITLED folder. (The other folders contain documents that you probably won't understand)
- You might want to write down what you find in the two folders - You will need it later.

There's another doorway to the left you're probably eager to check out, but it's better to exit the lab and go back into house for now. Move through
the passage, to the study, back through the hall and into the foyer and then...

In the upstairs hall you are presented with 5 doorways and the remaining hallway further forward into the darkness. Check out the first door on the left. Your senses are quickly overwhelmed with the vision of a old dead woman in a wheelchair. Who? You will quickly learn that this house holds far more questions than answers. As the vision fades, you find yourself standing in...

The Doctor's Bedroom
Move closer to the dresser with mirror and open the bottom drawer to find a small box of ashes. Take the box. Again you are overwhelmed with a vision from the past. Who is the little boy? Is he part of this darkness? Or was he too, summoned to help?

- Don't bother examining the box of ashes. It contains no latch or door. There is no obvious way to open it.
- Exit the room back into the hall and go downstairs to the...

An eerie strange moan is heard from upstairs as you make your decent from the staircase. A small doll appears from the darkness and floats down the stairway, onto the floor before your feet. Is this a gift? Should you touch it? Yes! Take the doll and move right, into the...

Music Room
From this distance, its hard to see, but it appears the piano bench could open. Try it. Yes! Take the sheet of music and use it on the piano to play the tune written by Mira. A ghost appears at the piano and then warns you never to play that tune. Apparently it stirs the darkness. She disappears and asks you to meet her upstairs - but wait until later. For now, examine the chess board.

- Notice the compartment used to store the playing pieces?
- Open the compartment and read the poem, glued to the drawer bottom.
- If you don't have a good memory you might want to write that down.

Stop examining chess board and enter the...

Green Room
This room is filled with plants, trees and a broken fountain. There is one particular plant that looks rather dry. Its soil is hard and needs watering badly. Perhaps you could find something to water it with?

As you leave the green room... A creature, hiding in the shadows, quickly runs towards you. You drop the doll in your haste but manage to escape.

Exit the green room and go back into the music room, then turn right into the doorway leading into the parlor, where the faint sound of a phone ringing can be heard in the distance. Move into the study and and answer the phone. (NOTE: if you were closer to the kitchen you can answer it there too)

"Ashes to Ashes... Dust to Dust!" - The box of ashes? How does he know I have it? Who is he?

"You cant open it!" - Talk about discouraging....

Hangup the phone, exit the study, enter the dining room, move into the backyard and then to the east yard. Go up steps to the back door and into the...

Room of Cages
This entire room is filled with cages. You notice a few open and examine one in particular, in the middle shelf to the right. A closer look reveals a tiny hair in the bottom of the cage. Perhaps you could use this, like the file on the computer in the lab stated? Better not contaminate it though.

- Leave the hair for now. (until you can find something sterile to put it in)
- Move left and check out the other row of cages on shelves. Is that a shovel underneath the left shelf? Take it.
- Exit cage room and back to east yard. Then move left into...

Grave Yard
Though, there are many graves surrounding this estate, you can feel a sense of overwhelming darkness on one grave in particular. Perhaps this grave should be dug up?
- Use the shovel to dig up the grave in front of you. (the grave covered in ivy, right of the statue)
- Enter grave and take the ring.
- RIGHT-CLICK on ring to examine it closer. Interesting! It moves when the symbols are clicked on.
- Get out of grave and move through cemetery gates to...

Outside Crypt
You're probably going to want to check out the crypt. But it's too dark to go in there without any light, so keep moving right, towards... swamp. With only a few fireflies to guide your way, find the path that leads to the...

Swamp House
Enter the house and talk with the lady in the rocking chair. She will tell you what she knows of this dark story and the doctor. Perhaps she could help you? Maybe she could give you a suggestion on how to open that box.

- Give box of ashes to the lady. Then listen to her suggestion. Does it make sense?
- Take a look at the book on the right side of room. Something about the "Heart of Darkness"

As you read the book, you begin to wonder if you could have Heart already. Remember that apple from the shop? You wonder if... no! It couldn't! Could it? You must see....

- Cut open apple with knife and examine to find the bloody beating heart of a crow, as mentioned in the book. It would appear this piece of the puzzle has been done for you. Is someone helping you?
- Return to...

Place the box of ashes into the fireplace. The pressure inside has nowhere to go. A quick explosion and ashes are everywhere! A shiny object can also be found. Take the key. Apparently the doctor swallowed it before she died. I guess she really wanted to keep something locked. Go back upstairs and enter the first doorway on the right, into the...

Use the key you just found on the old chest. There's something inside. A staff of sorts. Take it and examine it. It looks familiar doesn't it. Remember Mira's journal you took from the hallway table earlier? The second page contained some symbols that look like the ones on the staff. You wonder if... yes... sections of the staff rotate.

- Click on the sections to align the staff combination according to Mira's notes in the journal.
- Leave the attic and return to the upstairs hallway.
- Enter the second door on the right, into the...

A closer look at the chair reveals something possibly sitting in it. Was that there earlier? Upon entering this dark room you can hear the faint whisper...

"Come Closer..." - a voice whispers

- Examine the chair. You have found the doll once again, however, now it is broken.

"I can hardly contain the secret inside of me." - the doll whispers

Secret inside the doll? More roaches? Examine the doll closely. Take the key.
There's another secret in this room. Perhaps it's underneath that dusty rug in the center of the room? Move the rug and enter...

Secret Room Beneath Floor
With only the light from the bedroom above this room is extremely dark, making it difficult to see much of anything. You can hear the faint sounds of a rodent near. Perhaps you catch it? But how? Where is it?

- Examine the hole in the wall, near the left side of room, to find a few rat droppings on the floor.
- Place the cheese on the mousetrap first, then place the mousetrap near the hole on the left side of room.
- You're going to have to come back later....but wait, before you leave...

...there's a partially hidden painting behind the container. Take the painting and examine it. While examining it, click on the painting to turn it around. It looks like there might be something written in the lower left corner. It's too small to read. Perhaps you have something you view it larger?

- Use the magnifying glass to see the writing, written in blood.

- Go back up the ladder into bedroom again. Exit bedroom into upstairs hallway and then move forward into...

North Hall
An interesting picture to the left reveals a scary surprise occasionally, but nothing of any real importance to your quest. If you move right, into the east hall, you will appear before a door. The voice of Mira's warns "you never to go into that room" but if you try, you will be influence with an eerie vision from the past. If you are persistent in trying to open the door, you will be greeted by Mira's sister, who, once again, tells you to never go into that room. So its probably safe to assume you should move left into...

West Hall
There is a rather creepy portrait of a hideous woman here. Click on it to take a closer look. She's wearing a pearl necklace. A closer look reveals the pearls are actually buttons. This scenario sounds a little like the poem you found downstairs in the chess drawer compartment. Do you remember what it said?

- Press the buttons in sequence like the poem suggests.
- Press pearl # 3 5 2 4 1

Take the elixir and move to the left into the...

Painting Room
Move closer to the bushes soaking in kerosene in the center of the room, next to the chair. Take a clean brush from the jar and exit the room, back into the west hall. Move right and go upstairs, into...

Mira's Room
The strange altar looks interesting and so does a small dish near the floor. Check out the dish with dead crow on it. Remember the tiny note on the back of the painting? It mentioned something about blood didn't it? Perhaps you should take some from here?

- Dip paintbrush into crow's blood.
- Move back from dish.

Why is there an easel facing so close to the mirror in this room. Was it placed like that on purpose? Just then you remember the strange words you heard from the bloody boy in the dark alley, back in town.

"Paint your dream to come alive"

You wonder if... perhaps?

-Place painting on easel.
- Use paintbrush on mirror... a bright flash of white and you're inside (The mirror? Mira's dream?)

Mira's Dream Inside the Mirror (3D Maze Area)
Move the mouse to guide your sight. Press the left button to move forward and the right button to move backward. Navigate the dream and look for the words Mira spoke of in her journal. She also wrote about secrets behind the walls of blood, didn't she? Look to your "Box of Eyes" for a small map in the lower left corner of the screen. It will help guide you...

GREEN - Where you are.
DARK GREEN - Where you've been
RED - Mira's nightmare ghouls.
BLUE - Doors
WHITE - Walls

ANSWER: Click HERE to view a small section of the maze where one of the secrets are located. Press the SPACE BAR at anytime to leave the dream. Exit Mira's room and go back through hallway, into bedroom (with rug) and click on hole beneath rug. Enter the...

Secret Room Beneath the Floor
There should be a rodent dead in the trap. (You may need to walk around a bit more if the rodent is not here yet. Approx. 30 moves from the time you put the trap down) Take the rat and go back up and into the hallway, then move into the last doorway on the right, into...

Dark Bedroom
Examine the dresser to the right, there's a small jewelry box. No key required (what a relief!) Simply open it to reveal a torn poem. Examine the poem and put it together. Do you notice anything interesting about the poem? It talks about moons, stars, hearts. Does that remind you of anything you might have in your inventory?

- Examine the Ring and click the symbols in-sync with the torn poem verse.

Move through the doorway into the...

Dark Bathroom
Try to take the jug. You will quickly notice it is not empty, but rather home to a deadly snake. Its a good thing you might have something he wants. Give the rat to the snake and then take the jug. Exit the bathroom, the dark bedroom and re-enter the hallway again. Move into the last door on the left, into the

Bright Bathroom
Turn on the faucet and use the jug to fill it with water. Exit bathroom and go downstairs into the...

Green Room
Remember the dry plant? Use the jug of water on it. Then exit the greenroom and go back into the...

Kitchen (after taking jug from snake)
Do you notice the strange writing on the slateboard? What does that mean? Check the fridge...

Remember what the fortune teller's card said? Give you a "hand..." (Didn't think it meant literally, huh?) You wakeup in an unknown place...

Le French Quarter Inn
You wakeup to find yourself in a dimly lit hotel lobby. Move upstairs, bypassing the first floor (unless you feel like exploring it), and up to the second floor hall. Enter the last door on the right and into...

Room 204
Take a look at the book on the table. It appears it might of been left by another of the summoned. Read the book and exit the room and return to the lobby. Enter the...

Press any of the 3 buttons. (The elevator is broken, as shown from the wrecked buttons on both top floors - but it will go down) Once the elevator stops. Get out and move through the cave and into the...

Mansion Basement
Apparently the cave ends where the foundation of the house begins as you find yourself in the mansion basement. Check out the tiny newsclipping posted to the beam. (An ancient temple? Better check that out soon) Then check out the furnace. Read the book to reveal what Mira was supposed to destroy. Go upstairs and into the pantry. Then move back into the study, down secret passage and into the lab.

- Move through main lab section into strange green tank room and to...

Padlocked Wooden Door (In Lab)
Use the key you found from doll on the padlock and open door into the...

Secret Lab Room
Move closer to lab table and take the test-tube. Then move back and examine the safe. Unlock it. Remember the notes on the computer. Use the right and left mouse buttons to enter the combination to the safe, but don't go past zero or it will reset. Take the scroll inside and move through dark arch-doorway into the...

Wooden Stairs & Pit Area
This is long strange spiral staircase leading down to a dark pit. The pit contains a chain-driven lift mechanism. But reading the doctor's notes, reveals she has disabled some of the gears to avoid anyone from using the lift. Something is in the pit, but you will need to re-arrange the gears in order to get it working again. Place the gears onto the pegs. Although there are a few of the same sized gears, each gear must fit on a particular peg.

-Once you get the correct gears in place - the lift will raise a wooden platform. Take the 3 headed skull and return to the swamp. Once in the swamp, move to the backyard and into the

Room of Cages
You're back, but this time you have the test-tube to properly take the tiny hair from inside cage. Take it and move through the graveyard and into the swamp. Then find the path into the west swamp and into the...

Ancient Temple
This must be the temple the news clipping was referring to (see note on beam in basement) Move forward to the door. The gate won't open. Better take a look at the head next to the door. Ghostly eyes appear from the darkness and a choice is presented with each click. Click the eyes until they are exactly like the one shown in the vision from the bloodstone board (in shop)

- The skull's mouth will open, revealing a small cylinder-shaped keyhole inside.
- Place the staff (correctly set - according to Mira's notes of course) inside the keyhole. The gate opens into the...

Inside Temple Gate
This room contains a large symbol on the floor, depicting a monkey-like creature. There are three pipes surrounding the symbol and strange indentation in the center of the floor. It looks like something in your inventory might fit perfectly into the floor here. Remember the page in Mira's notes...

"Eggs from the Widows buried deep inside three heads"
"Triggered by the weight of the spiders in their webs"
"A door soon opens with the guards from their nest"
"Sunken in the floor where the skulls of dead must rest"

- Place the 3 headed skull into the floor - Place the spider eggs into the 3 headed skull.

Watch the three tiny widows move towards the spider eggs and the floor opens...

A pillar with a strong force raises with a medallion on top. How are you going to get that medallion? The force is strong here. Too strong to simply take it. Can you remove the evil force which surrounds the medallion? Didn't Mira mention something about this in her journal?

"Surrounded by enormous power... A mortal's touch is instant death"
"Written in the blood of ancients... Spoken once and under breath"
"Deadly words from cryptic scroll... To deafen ears of the beast"
"Unlocking medallion from its perch... to fit inside metallic feast"

Cryptic scroll? Maybe you should take a look at the scroll you found in the safe?

-Type in the words from the scroll slowly into your keyboard to remove the force. Then take the medallion and exit the temple and return to the swamp. Find the path to the... Swamp House (second visit)
Talk once again to the swamp lady. She has a few new things to say about the ritual and the ingredient needed to perform it. Once finished, exit the swamphouse and return to the Laboratory - Move through the lab and into the secret lab room and to the...

Microscope (on desk in secret lab room)
Perhaps you can extract the necessary essence from the Jaja's hair you found in the cage. The doctor mentioned how to perform this procedure in her computer.

- Use the syringe on the beaker labeled "Alcohol"
- Use the syringe (now filled with alcohol) on testtube with hair. (examine testtube to see hair soaking in liquid)
- Use syringe on beaker labeled "Embryo"
- Use syringe (now filled with an embryo) on glass plate in microscope
- Use syringe (now empty) on testtube with hair soaking in alcohol
- Use syringe (now containing DNA extract from hair) on glass plate containing embryo

Animation will show syringe injecting embryo with Jaja's DNA.

- Use syringe (now empty) on glass plate (now containing MONKEY DNA). The syringe is now filled with the necessary essence to perform the ritual. Exit the lab and return to the...

Green Room
Upon entering you should be greeted with a time-lapse animation of a yellow flower growing on the once almost dead plant. (Since you watered it approx. 30 moves ago) Take the flower and move outside into the backyard and to the crypt.

Outside Crypt
Its too dark to enter without any light. Try using the lighter on the lantern you found upstairs in the attic. Enter the crypt and move downstairs to the...

Crypt Corridor
Open the outer door by simply clicking on it. Then take the medallion and place it into the second inner door to unlock. The door will open and you will find yourself in the...

Monkey Ritual Room
There are the bones of Jaja hanging here in the center of the room. You are prevented from moving closer due to a deep chasm surrounding the bones. Remember the note mira wrote about in her journal? Remember the journal in Room 204? Something about the spirits waiting for them to command them? Perhaps a word could help? Perhaps that word you read in Mira's dream?

- Type in the word you read on the wall in Mira's dream - A plank slides open over the chasm, allowing access to the ritual bowl.
- Remember what the swamp lady said were the necessary ingredients? Remember the sequence?

Do you know what to do?.....

- Place the syringe filled with essence (Jaja's DNA enhanced embryo)
- Then the elixir
- Next the The "Heart of Darkness" (apple cut in half with heart inside)
- Then the Flower
- And last, the crushed crow bones....

Where are the crow bones? Remember the last passage in the poem that helped you open the ring?

"...uncover bone"

Remember the loud crow that suddenly appeared over the grave after you took the ring? Was he trying to tell you something?

- Place the Unlocked Ring into the bowl. (Crows bones inside)

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