Years ago, Dr. Muretta, as a young scientist and scholar of witchcraft, made regular explorations to a remote section of the Brazilian rain-forest. Her studies in the "Dark Arts" fueled her search and exploration of ritual artifacts from native tribes. On one of her many visits to the region, she befriended a playful spider-monkey she soon called, Jaja. It wasn't long before Jaja become a permanent addition to Murreta's expedition crew and a faithful pet.

Jaja, notorious for her curiosity, occassionally strayed from the rest of the crew during expeditions, and on one day wondered a bit too far. The scent of a species unknown drew Jaja towards a deserted temple. Jaja was attacked in the shadows of the temple by a clan of unfamiliar primates. They were dark, hideous monkey-like creatures with eyes blacker than coal and fangs stained with blood from years of carnivorous feeding. Jaja sustained several bites on her neck before Muretta was able to rescued her pet and escape the dark creatures.

After returning home to Muretta's estate in New Orleans, the wounds in Jaja's neck healed though her pet grew more fierce each day. Jaja was changing from the docile pet Muretta came to love into something evil and dark. Unfortunately, after a few aggressive incidents, Muretta was forced to put her pet 'down'. A few weeks later Jaja came back from the grave and violently attacked Muretta. Leaving nothing to chance, Muretta completely destroyed the creature by burning its corpse in the furnace.

Once again, her pet came back! Perhaps to seek revenge, Jaja's spirit now haunts Muretta and her estate. Muretta tried to rid the ghost, but further studies in the art of magic and voodoo revealed she required Jaja's heart to lay the spirit to rest. In her haste, Muretta made a terrible mistake by burning the creature. Leaving no bones or tissue, she virtually sealed the spirit to an un-restful presence upon her estate.

Years went by and the evil continued to create madness in the minds of all who inhabit the estate. Mira, one of two daughters of Muretta, was only three when her mother encountered the dark primates in Brazil. Through the years Mira has grown darker and stranger within the estate walls, continually sketching dark paintings reminiscent of the creatures her mother witnessed years prior in the rain-forest. The spirits have twisted evil into Mira's talent and artwork, depicting bizzare and eerie images from her mind's eye.

Muretta spent the rest of her life and her fortune seeking a solution to rid the evil spirit from her estate. Using a few hairs, found on the furniture left from Jaja, Muretta even tried to extract DNA in an effort to clone her late pet. Muretta thought with a heart containing the genetic code from Jaja, perhaps it would be sufficient to perform the ritual. But she managed only to create more mutated forms of the evil that she was forced to destroy. This of-course unleashed another set of un-restful "Servants" to haunt Muretta and her daughters.
Before her death, Muretta made preparations for her laboratory to become un-accessible and her notes destroyed. She wanted no one else to make the same mistakes and possibly unleash anymore dark "Servants" upon this estate. Unfortunately, Mira has been forced to live with the evil. In an attempt to call for help, she has used the "craft" of New Orleans locals, summoning strangers to possibly continue in her mother's studies.

Can you continue Muretta's work and solve the secrets she took to her grave?

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