Sound Glitch Patch 2.9

Some users mentioned a sound/subtitle delay... This patch fixes that. IMPORTANT: Make sure you install this patch into same directory game is installed to. If you didn't change the default folder for game then don't change the default folder for patch.

-Easy Mode (Hint Booklet in player's Inventory)
-Fixed Pipe Puzzle Error
-Fixed Coin/Head Room Error
-Fixes Strange Sound Delay

PLEASE NOTE: 2.7 is the latest version... Do NOT install this patch if you already have version 2.7 - only install if you have a sound subtitle delay.

SocietyPatch.exe (Size 2 MB)

Common Technical Errors

>> Slow Crow Puzzle
Some users said they needed to disable "Real-Time Scanning" in their Anti-Virus Program

>> Cannot find DLL File
You may need to re-install DirectX 9.0c onto your computer - Even if you think you have the latest version... usually reinstalling DirectX clears up any missing DLL errors. You can get the latest version of DirectX HERE at Microsoft's Website.

Official Walkthrough and Hints
After checking in and talking with your friend on the phone you find yourself in...

Motel Room
Click on the Dresser for a closer look. Open the Drawer and take the REMOTE then Examine the REMOTE closely(right-click in inventory) - You quickly noticed it doesn't have any batteries. It might be nice to watch a little TV huh? Where could you find a battery in this room? Perhaps that smoke alarm over the door has one huh?

Smoke Alarm
Take off the cover and then take the BATTERY - Examine the REMOTE and insert the BATTERY - press the RED BUTTON on REMOTE to turn on TV

Closeup of TV
Somethings wrong! The TV keeps shorting out and turning off. Take the BUCKET and touch the top of the TV. It's very HOT! Perhaps if you can cool down the TV so it won't short out and turn off so quickly. But how? Perhaps the last tenant put the empty bucket of ice on there for a reason?

Go to the Tub and take the BOLTCUTTERS then exit the tub and... Wait! What is that smell? Check out the trash can below the window. "Take out" huh? Take the MATCHES then examine them. It might be interesting to call the phone number, huh?

Closeup of Dresser
Click the phone and then dial the digits found written on the inside of the MATCHES. Listen to phone call. The man said something about going downstairs and looking into a mail compartment. Exit motel room and go downstairs.

Motel Lobby
Click behind the front desk on the mail compartments. Take a closer look at Room 19's mail. Someone left a VHS TAPE. Take it. Might as well look around while I am down here. Go over to the table under the stairs.

Table Under Stairs
Click on hole. Oh Boy! You have been Bit! But at least you found a SCREWDRIVER - go back upstairs to the ice machine

Ice Machine
Place the BUCKET in the ice dispense slot. If you press the button you quickly realize the machine broken. Pehaps you can fix it? Click on the partially opened panel near the bottom of the machine. Use the SCREWDRIVER on the remaining screw to open.

Ice Machine Circuit
This looks tricky. Perhaps all the RED lights must light up in order to get the ice machine power. The center IC unit looks like it supplies power to the other components. Try to create a trail of power from the IC UNIT to each of the 5 RED LIGHTS. Once all the RED lights are lit... exit out of the closeup panel and press the flashing green button to fill the bucket with ice. Take BUCKET OF ICE

Closeup of TV
Place the BUCKET OF ICE on top of TV. Then examine the REMOTE and press the red power button to turn on TV. Then insert VHS TAPE. Watch movie. Then go downstairs and visit the manager.

His door is open... you click and walk in... Click on man sleeping in bed... "Wake up!" - you yell. After you are done talking with manager, go and examine his desk. Take the CAR KEYS then exit motel...

Outside Motel (Courtyard)
Exit the courtyard area by Moving to the far right of the screen.

Center of Town
Exit this screen by Moving to the left and down until you get to another street area...

Street Outside Tattoo Shop
It's tempting to vist the Tattooshop but lets keep moving right to outside of Pawn shop.

Outside Pawn Shop
There's a crow sitting on one of the trashcans. Is he trying to show you something? Take a closeup look and click on trashcan. Take the GREEN COIN then enter the Pawnshop.

Pawn Shop
Look around... Lot's to see but no time to shop. Click on the glass counter. Take the MAGNIFYING GLASS on the counter. (The owner didn't see you right?). Look at the dark corner near front window. Take the GREEN COIN then exit the shop and visit the Tattoo Shop.

Tattoo Shop
Take a closeup look at the tattoo chair and table. Take the MAP then back out of closeup up view and walk over to window. Examine sign in window... "Wireless Zone" - Interesting. Go into the back room.

Back Room (Tattoo Shop)
Talk with the Tattoo Girl about EVERYTHING. When finished talking with girl... examine the MAP to quickly visit the "COURTYARD"

Outside Motel (Courtyard)
Walk through tunnel to the next area. Enter the open door into the apartment building.

Apartment Lobby (Man on Stairs)
Talk with man but he doesn't look like he is going to let you walk upstairs. Better figure out a way to get him to leave. Click on air conditioning unit. Try plugging in AC unit. Whats going on? The wiring in these old places are bad. I guess the AC was unplugged for a reason, huh? Wait for man to go upstairs then follow him.

Upstairs Hall (Apartment)
Try to enter the first door. It's locked! Maybe I should take a closer look at that lock? Use the MAGNIFYING GLASS on lock. There are some tiny numbers - Is this a serial number? Better write it down huh? Go Downstairs, exit apartment and move right until you get to Junkyard.

Outside Junkyard
Click on trashcans near fence. Open trashcan lid and take BOX OF PUPPY TREATS then walk down to bottom of screen towards pier.

Walk towards boat garage and enter.

Boat Garage
Examine the dark section in back of room. Pick up GREEN COIN then examine locker on left side of room. Take the EMPTY FUEL CAN Then examine the locker on the RIGHT SIDE of room. Leave garage and visit the pier again.

Walk towards the second building's door.

Outside Fish Garage #2
There's that pesky crow again. Is he trying to show you something? Examine the barrel where he was sitting. Pick up GREEN COIN then enter the door into the fish garage.

Inside Fish Garage #2
Walk towards sink on right side of room.

Open the small fridge and take the FISH then look on top shelf and take the ANTI-VENOM then exit sink area and walk over towards locker on left side of room.

Fish Locker
It's locked with a chain. Use the BOLTCUTTERS then open and take the VIALS OF BLOOD then exit locker area and move left towards shut off switch.

Shut off switch
Move lever to on position then exit fish garage and return to pier area.

Pier (with gas pump on)
With the gas pump on... you can now use the EMPTY GAS CAN on the pump. Fill and then return to junkyard area. Enter junkyard.

Inside Junkyard
There's that crow again! Take a look at the area he was sitting before he flew off. Take the GREEN COIN then enter the office. Examine the car with the hood

Junkyard Office
Take the CAR BATTERY on floor next to water cooler. Then examine the floor next to dog dish.

Dog Dish (Junkyard Office Floor)
Take the EMPTY CUP on floor and the DOG FOOD from dog dish. Notice the NAME on the dog dish?

Water Cooler
Place the EMPTY CUP on water cooler dispensing area. Fill cup and then take CUP WITH WATER Take a look inside the trashcan... if you dare?

What could the password be? Think! What was the name on the dog disk again? Wait! It's too hard to concentrate. Everything is blurry! Perhaps the snake bite is affecting my vision. Perhaps a drink from the purple bottle might help. Type password again.

Computer Desktop
Click on the LOCK PRO program. Remember that number we saw when using the MAGNIFYING GLASS on lock. Did you write it down? Type it in now. Make a note of the screen and Remember the tumbler positions shown. Click on the other files and look around.... Interesting there is something inside the radiator on one of the cars in the lot. But how are you going to get it out? Also it looks like Jerry's car is on the lot too. His key is in SLOT F - exit out of computer and look above computer area on key rack.

Key Rack (Junkyard Office)
Take the KEY marked with F - From the pictures shown on the computer...This looks like Jerry's car. It's on the lot... now that we have the keys...lets go check it out.

Jerry's Car (1957 Red Chevy)
Use the KEY to open the truck. Take the LOCK PICKS (Maybe now we can use these to open that locked door upstairs in the old apartment?) But first lets take a look at that old wreck in center of junkyard

Car with Hood Up
Place the CAR BATTERY near connections on right side of dark engine compartment. Whoa! Thats better... now you can see. Theres an opened radiator... look inside. You can see an orange object... but how to get it out? Try pouring the CUP WITH WATER - take the DOG WHISTLE then go back into old apartment building.

Locked Door (Upstairs Apartment)
Use the LOCK PICKS on keyhole. Remember the lock tumbler positions found on LOCK PRO program on the junkyard office computer? Position the tumblers as shown on computer. Then enter the room.

Inside Upstairs Apartment
Take a look around then walk closer to dresser. Then take the NECKLACE on wall then enter bathroom.

Look in the box near the door and take the GREEN COIN then look at small stand and take the JOURNAL then look at wall with news clippings and take the SMALL KEY then examine the JOURNAL closer. Use the SMALL KEY to unlock the JOURNAL. Read all pages.After reading the JOURNAL then examine the NECKLACE. Adjust the 3 rings of the necklace to the letters shown in JOURNAL. Then exit apartment and move back into upstairs hall.

Outside door with Dog
Try opening the second door down the hall. A quick flash of teeth and sound of growling startles you... The door opens part-way and is only contained by a chain locked from the inside. Is someone still in there? How are you going to tame that beast? This guy is probably not going to be happy with a little kibble, huh? Try using the DOG WHISTLE.

Inside Room with Dog
Move closer to dresser and listen to the answering machine message. Then take a look at the pawnshop receipt. From the receipt It looks as if someone sold some of Wendy's personal items. Take the DOLLAR and leave the apartment.

Outside Apartment(After finding Necklace)
A man calls to you as you exit the apartment... "Hey Mister! Over here!" Talk with him about everything. He will tell you about a lady named Tesla and that you should go meet with her. After talking with the man... give him your FISH. He will then allow you to take the TATTOO GIFT CARD from his stash. Go visit Tesla in the center of Town.

Center of Town (Tesla's Door)
Press the intercom buzzer... when Tesla answers... select the "OTTO SENT ME" choice then enter. Telsa's House(Entrance Area)
Examine the dresser and take the KEY WITH RING

[Work in Progress - More to come... ]

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