Puzzle game based on the "Last Half of Darkness" Adventure game.

It's interesting what you will find hiding among the shadows of a
Widow's nest, as you match ancient magical stones to resurrect
spiders, collect gems and create voodoo runes in an effort to steal
the "Jewels of the Black Widow."

Finding the lost stones may provide enormous wealth when placed
correctly, but beware the warning of the Voodoo Witch:

"Many mortals have tried but failed...
   Leaving only a coffin sealed and nailed...
       A message for those with greed in their eyes...
          A Black Widow's nest holds secretly a surprise."

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- Solve the mysterious riddle of the Black Widow and her Ancient Jewels
- Unlock "Bonus Levels" with different puzzles and quests
- Try to beat the clock or simply play in Relaxed Mode

  - Pentium III (or faster)
  - Windows 95/98/2000/XP/ME

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[Note: "Jewels of the Black Widow" is FREE when you purchase "Last Half of Darkness: Shadows of the Servants"]



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