Beyond the Spirit's Eye

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Some additional codec paks CAUSE CONFLICTS - see list below (check your system to see if they are installed)

-K-lite Codec pack
-XP codec pack 2.3.6
-Codec Pack All in 1

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1. Some users needed to uninstall ANY additional Codec paks installed on their system.
2. Some users also needed to re-install CinePak Codec on their system.

Some mentioned they downloaded "Codec 8.3d" to help with re-install - We are not familiar with this program so make sure to download from reputable source.

If you are not familar with how to re-install your CinePak Codec - Please contact us and we will help you.


[ Not complete - Just to get you Started...]
Last Half of Darkness : Beyond the Spirit's Eye WALKTHROUGH

This game starts out somewhat linear, but after reaching the town, it becomes very non-linear and this walkthrough follows only one of the many possible sequences of gameplay. You may want to try reading only the section you are stuck in. If possible, read only one line of text at a time to avoid revealing the next line and possibly a clue. Enjoy!

The summoning has begun. A bright flash of white light and you awake inside...

The Crypt
You find yourself inside a dark crypt, carrying only a small piece of paper and a journal. How did I get here? The last thing I remember is reading a strange note sent by a gypsy asking for help. After looking around the round room I notice a set of three wooden wheels on the wall... I check to see they will move, but they are stuck. There is a key shaped hole, perhaps it requires something I don't have? I move forward through a dark corridor to...

Creature kneeling on Floor
There is a creature located in this room. What is it? What is it doing? Move closer to reveal...

- Take strange key in floor. - Move back to large wooden wheels on wall.

Wooden Wheels
Insert the key into CENTER slot - Then click on each wheel until arrow points to each EYE... the floor will open providing access to...

Underground Canal
There is a boat waiting for you... Get in and let the currents take you for a ride through the swamp, up river, and eventually to the...

Swamp Shack
Open the door and enter... an eerie voice from the back whispers scoldingly... "Who Dare Enters My Chambers?"
As you look around and almost touch something... the voice is heard again... "Do not touch anything!" You move to the back room, revealing an old woman sitting in a dimly lit room, as if almost awaiting your arrival. She speaks... I am the one responsible for summoning you to this place."
- Feel free to chat with her to find out more about this strange story.
- Exit room to...

Inside Swamp Shack
After talking with the gypsy, you notice the front door is now locked. Perhaps the spirits can help you leave. Check out the strange board on the small table on the left side of room. It spells something interesting huh?

- After spelling "LET ME OUT OF HERE" open the front door and go...

Outside Swamp Shack
Get in boat and ride up river to...

It would appear the boat ride ends here. Move left up a set of stairs to the...

Another crypt... This must be the secret passage into town the gypsy mentioned. Exit the doorway and enter the...

Grave Yard
Move right to reveal more crypts and graves. But do not linger here... It is best to keep moving right for now until you get to...

Outside Marcos' House
There is a door leading into Marcos' House here. Enter into the

Entrance Hall (Marcos' House)
Move RIGHT and read the note on the table here - Strange huh? Wonder who told Marcos about the treasure? Move RIGHT, up the stairs and into the...

Hallway (Second Floor)
A very dark hallway with an adjacent hall to the right, a closed door and a set of stairs leading up to the left. Move RIGHT to

East Hall
A strange body is dragged into the darkness.... Who or what was that? You try the door but it's locked. Better go back.. Then enter closed door from previous hall and enter the...

Your curiosity immediately draws you to the bathtub. Where you notice a small shiny object among the filth and overgrowth - It is a key! Take it and exit through the french doors down into the...

Fountain Area (Outside Bathroom)
Stairs from outside the bathroom lead down to a small little garden area with fountain shaded by darkness. A quick look through the murky water reveals something strange. What is it?
- Return to Bathroom then exit to Hall.. move LEFT up second set of stairs to...

Dark Hall
This hallway is shrouded in darkness and shadows.... You pause only long enough for a strange box to slide from the shadows to your feet. Take it.

- RIGHT CLICK on the box in your inventory to look at it closer (a tiny hole - perhaps something is missing) - Move RIGHT into doorway to

Sky Room
This room reveals a large glass ceiling, providing the moon to cast eerie shadows upon the floor. Apparently the ceiling is partially broken, allowing some of the dust to float down from the sky. It is not long before the door mysteriously closes. Your first instinct is to move closer to the door and try to open it. It's Locked! A note slides underneath the door and faint giggle is heard on the otherside.

"Balance of weights?" What could it mean?

- Move closer to strange statue in back of room. There is a chain coming from it's mouth... try pulling it. It works... a wall slides open to reveal a... Secret Passage
Move through the passage until it ends. Look on the RIGHT side... there is a small opening on the right wall, revealing a 3 sets of weights hanging inside. Perhaps the note makes more sense now?

Figure it out yet? Nope?

- Move the weights on each pole until each pole has exactly the same weight (i.e. each pole contains one 5, 7, 9 weight) - Once completed, the wall will slide open, revealing...

Locked Room
This is the room that was locked before... You know... the one where the dead body was dragged into. You quickly notice the open bookcase. Better take a closer look

- Grab the small clock and examine it (RIGHT CLICK on the clock in your inventory)
- Notice the small hole in the center of the clock? Perhaps something might fit inside? - Read the Solar System Book (just for reference - you may need this later depending on how well your knowledge of the solar system is)
- Move back

Once you are done looking at the bookcase, move RIGHT to reveal more of the room. Check the nightstand then open it and take the QUARTER. Once done in this room unlock the door (locked from inside) then exit and into the...

Hallway (second floor)
Lets go back up the stairs to the dark hall again but this time, move LEFT into...

Map Room
There are numerous maps in this room. This must of been where Marcos planned his expeditions. Take a closer look at the small dresser on the right side of room.

-Read the poem in the bottom drawer (it will help you later)
-You can take a look on the table, but nothing worth taking
- Exit this room and go back into hall... then move forward into

Marcos' Bedroom
This must of been Marcos' room... there are strange relics everywhere, probably all the item he brought back from all his expeditions. Move closer to mirror and nightstand. Take the empty vial marked "e229" then move LEFT to reveal the entire left side of room.

- Take the HANGER hanging dressing partition
- Examine the shelf in bookcase... take the RECORDING TAPE.
- Exit the room, back to hall and then move forward, through wall that slides open to...

Moonlit Hallway
The wind blows the curtains and the moon lights your path into the...

Move right to chair and table... there is a large reel-to-reel tape recorder here... put the RECORDING TAPE into player and then click on it to play

- After listening to tape, leave to reveal a flashback showing a little more of the story. Then exit Marcos' house, back to the...

Street (Outside Marcos' House)
Move RIGHT to reveal more of the street - then RIGHT again to reveal the front of the Shadowcrest Bar - Enter the bar and move forward through the entrance hall and into the...

Lounge (Inside Bar)
Notice something on the table? Illuminated by the soft glow of the red candles... You might need those matches later. Move LEFT and then...

Behind Counter
Take a look at the shelf... take the CORKSCREW then back out and look at the...

Top Shelf
Notice the closed bottle with ship inside? Do you see what else is inside? A key!

- Open the bottle with the CORKSCREW
- Look closer at bottle to reveal key inside - use HANGER on key to fish it out of bottle
- Exit shelf and use the KEY to open the locked door and into the...

Storage Room
Mostly empty boxes and supplies you wont need but there is one box on the top shelf on the left side of room that might contain something. It's too hard to see in the dark.

- Use the MATCHES on dark box.
- Exit the room and back to Marcos' house - move forward through entrance hall and into...

Elevator Hall
This hall provides access to the elevator... enter and you will notice it is broken. It looks like some sort of short... perhaps you can fix it?

- Use the SCREWDRIVER on button to reveal...

Inside Elevator Panel
Some serious electrical activity going on in here... Is it a spirit toying with you? I think it wants to play... Remember that old "Simon" game?

- Follow the pattern by clicking on each screw that contains a spark.
- Once all 7 spark sequences are complete, exit panel and press the button to go down to...

Dining Room
The elevator brings you down to the dining room... exit elevator and move RIGHT into the...

Open the refrigerator and then look inside the freezer section.
-Take the FROZEN FINGER from the freezer. Exit fridge.
- Open the cabinet over counter and take the KNIFE
- Move closer to sink and place the FROZEN FINGER inside. Turn on sink to thaw finger. Take FINGER.
- Move forward to...

Various spices and ingredient throughout this room... but the only item worth taking is located in RIGHT side cabinet.
- Take BOTTLE from inside cabinet.
- Then move LEFT down into the...

It looks like some sort of wine cellar...

- Take the DOLLY
- Look closer at barrel in back of room - Use MATCHES to see inside dark barrel - Take QUARTER.
- Fill up BOTTLE with any of the three wine vats located in this room.
- Exit room, back up stairs, through kitchen, dining room, back up elevator, then exit house to...

Outside Marcos' front door
- Move LEFT into...

Grave Yard
- Move forward to enter grave yard and then move left to...

You attempt to open the gate but soon notice it is locked!

- Insert KEY (the one you found in bathtub)
- Move forward to

Turn the crank to lower the rope and hook halfway down (it will help you later) - then exit well and move LEFT towards the...

The Tower
Move closer towards the shed on the side of the building here. Open the shed and take the HAMMER

- then exit the shed, move back and return to the well.
- Move RIGHT towards the old lake house
- Move forward to open lake house door and enter...

Lake House (inside)
Move up the stairs and look at the barrel. Notice that it is full of murky swamp water. Wonder what is under the water? There is a tiny plug in side of the barrel. Perhaps a small tap will knock it out?

- Use the HAMMER on small hole in barrel
- Look at top of barrel - it is drained
- Take the necklace (closer examination reveals 8 panels with strange SELECTABLE symbols)
- Exit lake house, move back through graveyard and return to...

Outside Marcos' House
Move RIGHT to...

Main Street
Here you can move LEFT to outside Marcos' house or move RIGHT towards bar or move FORWARD to...

Street (outside dark tunnel)
Move forward again through dark tunnel and eventually to the...

Move RIGHT and enter the...

Shadowcrest Cannery
Feel free to look around in here. There are couple of things to look at - You will need the matches to look inside the barrel. But you really just need to keep moving forward to next section...

Cannery Area
Look inside the box on the floor here.. take the CAN OF FISH then move upstairs to...

From the look of things in this office - the cannery has been closed and out of business for some time. This room contains mostly out of date invoices, records and bills. An unopened file cabinet in the far back corner, near the desk, sparks your interest.

- Use SCREWDRIVER on file cabinet (read the recall letter - excessively cold enough to break metal?)
- Check the small trash can - take the TORN PAPER (put it together to reveal a hint for later use)
- Move closer to...

Look above at the map. Notice the grid labeled with A,B,C,D,E,F,G and the tiny colored flags placed here. Exit the closeup of the map and open the drawer in the desk. Read the log book. Notice each ship contains the same colored logo as the flags on the map grid. Notice the departure times.

- Did you notice the strange device in the closet in Marcos' house? It had letters on it, didn't it? Perhaps Marcos is using some sort of tricky way to use his ship departure times for some obscure secret code.
- You will need to organize each the ship's departure times (earliest to latest) corresponding with each of the letters on the grid (i.e. the location of each ship)
- Exit the office and return to front cannery area, then move towards the...

Closed and locked Cabinet
A rusty old bolt is keeping the doors from opening. Even if I had a wrench, this bolt ain't coming off. How to get this open? Remember the recall letter mentioning something about breaking down the molecular structure of old oxidized metal? Perhaps...

- Break frozen bolt with HAMMER
- Open cabinet door
- Take the BOLT CUTTERS (Man! I could of used that 5 seconds earlier)
- Exit cannery and return to...

Street (outside dark tunnel)
Move LEFT into... Garden Hallway
This hall contains passage to the garden forward and a doorway on each side. Move LEFT to...

Outside Dr. Benzor's Lab
Notice the flashing red light... Dr. Benzor rigged this door up with a special security device that only he can open. (of course he never thought someone might cut off his finger)

- Place THAWED FINGER on sensor plate (plate with white fingerprint marking)
- Enter through entrance hall and eventually into

Several places to examine here. Take a look at the shelves to reveal some of the Doctor's notes.

- Use the EMPTY VIAL on the experiment in the lower center of the room.
- You will need to get the cells to multiply into 3 cell organisms.
- Move each of the colored cells until there are 99% 3 cell organisms.- the vial will automatically fill up when complete
- Exit lab and back to the...

Garden Hallway
This hall contains passage to the garden forward and a doorway on each side. Move RIGHT to...

Tia's House
Examine the grandfather clock closer... Look inside and take the MAP. (this will come in handy since you can click on the MAP to move instantly to 1 of 5 places throughout Shadowcrest)
-Then exit closeup of clock and then move forward into downstairs hall...
-move forward again (your senses are overwhelmed and you eventually black out and wake up in...

Tia's room
A soft voice whispers, "Wake up....wake up" - get out of bed and open the small box on the table. Take the JOURNAL and exit Tia's house.

- Examine TIA'S JOURNAL - Interesting reading huh? Marcos stole her clock? That must of been Tia's clock in bookcase in the room in Marcos' house. - Maybe you should try opening the compartment on the clock? That tiny hole may be the answer? Garden (with Statue)
After you exit Tia's house, move forward through garden hall and into the garden. Here you will notice a statue in the center of the garden... move forward and examine the statue's base. There is a strange key-like hole at the bottom. Something might fit inside?

- Have you solved the PUZZLE BOX yet?
- Have you opened TIA'S CLOCK yet?
- Try using the HANGER found in Marcos' room on TIA'S CLOCK

Puzzle Box
After your initial scare... it looks like nothing more than a child's toy.

- Move each of the two blocks into the black squares by PUSHING
- Since you can only push and not pull - you will probably find yourself stuck - simply CLICK on the handle to reset and try again.
- It's tricky but not impossible.

Statue Base (in Garden)
Place the strange object into statue base - wait... the key is not complete.... it needs something else. It looks like something fits in the center. Have you solved the necklace puzzle yet? Better come back later...Move back from statue base.... Talk with Tia for a while to find out more about this story and Marcos, her father, and this town. Then move LEFT and through courtyard hall and eventually into the...

This is the area where there are some stairs leading up to a second story - but check out the...

Located under the stairs in the courtyard - this shed contains several items of interest but nothing worth taking except the LADDER. Exit the shed and go back to the courtyard and up the STAIRS to the

Room (upstairs from courtyard)
This room contains a strange ball on the table - feel free to look at it. Strange visions from the past haunt your senses. Move LEFT and then FORWARD into...

Back Room
Something is smoking on the table. Take a closer look at table to find a strange board. Tia will tell you about the game - You are not ready yet for that - Tia mentions that you must find a sign first. Go back down to the courtyard and move RIGHT back to the...

There are several courtyard alleys, halls and passages here... but alley you should be in now is the one where there is a sewer gate on the ground. Take a closer look at the sewer gate now - it's locked!

- Try using the BOLT CUTTERS on pad lock. - Gate is now open...
- But its too far down to jump you will need something else to get down into sewer.
- Use the LADDER to get down into the...

After climbing down the ladder you find yourself inside a musty sewer area with a large fan preventing access to the next section. If only you could stop the fan long enough to move through. Perhaps placing something between the fan long enough to jam the motor to slip through.

- Use the BOLT CUTTERS on fan
- Move through to next section of...

Sewer (Mine Entrance)
Parts of the fan and motor are scattered throughout the ground. One damaged piece of the motor (a large magnet) looks like it might be useful.

- Take MAGNET (the DOLLY is required to pick up - its a good thing you already got this from the basement earlier huh?)
- Move through sewer and into...

Move forward and to the RIGHT until you find the well. Remember when you lowered the rope halfway down from up above? It's not absolutely necessary but it would help you now. Do you see the BUCKET lying on the ground? Take the BUCKET and place it on the hook inside well. Remember the FLASHBACK from inside attic where Tia talks about throwing Marcos' coin into the well? Perhaps.... just maybe? You might be able to get that coin if.....

- Put MAGNET in BUCKET on rope.
- There's no way to pull up rope here... go back to...

Mine (fork in mineshaft)
This time move LEFT until you reach the end where there is a mine car on some sort of rotating track section. It must turn somehow? Notice the piece of PIPE on the ground? Take the PIPE and go back up out of sewer and through the graveyard, through the gate and to the...

Turn the crank until the bucket with magnet comes up... Notice the COIN stuck to bottom of bucket? This must be the coin in FLASHBACK that Tia was talking about how she threw it into well. Move LEFT from well and towards tower. Move by tower and to the...

This is an interesting gazebo.... open the compartment and notice the steam escaping when you turn the valve. Perhaps there is a piece missing. Remember the PIPE you found down in the Mineshaft?

- Place PIPE in between two sections in gazebo compartment. Then turn valve.
- Watch as gazebo section moves, along with mineshaft section below, allowing mine car to move onto tracks.
- Exit gazebo and move back down into sewer and into mineshaft
- Enter mine car for a little ride

[That should get you pointed in the right direction... Enjoy the rest of the game!]

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